Bring back Wyze Sense v1 for sale please!

Hi I’m wondering if the Wyze Sense v1 items will ever be sold again? For those of us who don’t want/need home monitoring could you bring those back for sale? It was a great system for simple home automations.

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Wyze Sense V2 will replace V1 and will be sold independently from Home Monitoring. I’m afraid I don’t know the timeframe when it will be available yet.


Oh! So that’s a different product than the home monitoring? I was assuming the home monitoring equipment was v2 but needs the monitoring contract.

“Home Monitoring” is the service that uses certain products to monitor your location. The introduction of Sense v2 products happened at the same time the HMS (Home Monitoring Service) was announced, and so far the only way to get the Sense v2 hardware is with the service. Like @Loki said, the Sense v2 hardware will be available as a standalone product in the future, but the timeline is unknown.

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Also note that the starter package of SenseV2 is included with the first annual HMS subscription. So if you want to get the V2 hardware as early as possible, you could order HMS, and consider the HMS subscription to the be the cost of the V2 package and not really use HMS during that first year.


HMS is also available as month-to-month ($5 I think) and you pay for the starter pack. The cost is about the same either way, but with the monthly charge, you can cancel at anytime.

I’ll wait and see what happens. I don’t need the keypad if I don’t want the service so assume there will be a cheaper bundle for home automation if they really intend the v2 to be available independent of home monitoring as a replacement for Wyze Sense v1.

+1 for buying the sensors. No desire for HMS.

I’ve been cruising around the forum and Facebook trying to find an answer as to what happens to all my V1 sensors? I upgraded cameras to V3 but then realized I had no bridge running and they all went offline. My current solution is a V2 plugged in face down to keep them online but that’s not a great long term solution.

I saw in the FAQ the v1 sensors will pair with the new v2 hub, they just can’t be used as part of HMS.

Might not be ideal but check home depot, they are selling sense v1 kits with cam v2s.

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I too would like to see the V1 sensors come back again, the price gouging on eBay is ludicrous! I’ll bet the odds are pretty slim that the v2 sensors will be backwards compatible with the v1 bridge, but would be awesome if it was

Any updates on this yet? I just got my cam v3 and I want the sense v2.

Check out this thread, there’s a way to unbrick the v1 sensors and bring them back to life. I’ve had 3 sensors die so far and all 3 have been unbricked using the following:

I bought the 'Home Starter Kit at HomeDepot- (sale $50, now may be back to $80)

Includes v1 sensor kit but also 3 bubs and 2 outlets and a v2 cam