Wyze Sense V1 obsolete and V2 requires monitoring subscription

Let me start with the positive. I’m an early wyze adopter and even with a few start-up and growing issues, I’ve been really happy with the features, performance, and value of the various devices I’ve collected - bulbs, sensors, cams, plugs, etc.

I know the company is growing at a furious pace and making tech improvements all the time, So when I found out the new leak sensor was a V2 system and my existing V1 bridge and sensors weren’t compatible, I was disappointed but not surprised. I was willing to get a V2 hub and replace my existing sensors so I could add the new leak sensors. Then I discovered I would have to sign up for the monitoring service - which I don’t need because the alerts are fine - to use the V2 sense system.

That really put me off and for the first time I wondered if I’d saddled the wrong home automation horse, I know wyze needs a stable revenue stream but don’t make me pay for stuff I don’t need. I have to figure out what my path will be.

Thanks for listening to my gripe and if you have any thoughts, I’d be glad to get some input.

You can buy the hub/starter kit from Wyze, but as you noted, not without the HMS subscription. You can, however, buy the exact same starter kit (new) on EBay if you search for it. You can then just add the hub and sensors through the add device process without needing HMS. Just make sure the kit is listed as NEW and you should be fine.

Alternatively, if you really want to buy from Wyze, you can do so, subscribe to one month of service and cancel it immediately. Others have done this.

On an unrelated note, is Wyze decommissioning V1 cameras? My 4th V1 camera is now “no longer on line.” I tried deleting/reinstalling, resetting to factory specs, etc. I even asked my brother to give them a try at his house–no success. Help!

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Has anyone submitted a Fix-It Friday for this? People always jump straight to the worst conclusions, but maybe it is just a bug that needs to be fixed?

I don’t have a V1 to use to generate a write-up or a log.

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Still buggy all the way back to v1….that’s sad