Integrated Systems

I am really annoyed with Wyze letting all the original and loyal customers down with the discontinuing of the V1 Sensors!!! This was really without any formal warning and is probably open to dispute under various product laws - but to move on!!!

I have not really investigated. but I have a couple of questions for the Community.

1, Can I get the new HMS sensors/hub without a monthly subscription? I don’t want or need one etc.
2, If I get a home monitoring system (stand-alone), does it use the same app - AND, can the old and new systems work together?

I think you all get the drift! Thanks a bunch for continued support!!!

  1. No- HMS only right now.
  2. Yes- same app for everything.

Thanks WildBill!!!

Obviously I will have to investigate further.

Hope I can do/have both one day, but without the "home monitoring’’ part!!!

It a bit uncommon for any manufacturer/retailer to tell us/say WARNING, FORMAL WARNING WE ARE DISCONTINUING XXX PRODUCT. They simply replace it with another. However, since we could no longer buy new Sense V1 products for 6+ months before Sense V2 stuff shipped, we sort of took that as an announcement.

So, that comes down to this. You are saying, they should have done something that they usually or do not usually do. Does it make any difference now that they could have done that? No, If they read your thread, (which we know they usually do not, unless) - they won’t know going forward that they should announce via formal notice they are stopping something else. So simply - its too late to do something about nothing they did months ago. Right?

Hi Sam_Bam. I do understand what you are saying and yes, the sensors were not up to par wrt batteries etc. BUT if you set up your system, expanded it six months later and then tried to get more later again it was a very rude surprise! Regardless of what is normal, these guys built their business on the support of many people with the basic system, before all the later goodies etc. I am suggesting they could of at least had some sort of “bridge” stock or updated the firmware for a year of added supply. etc.

But moving on, I still can’t get my head around compatibility (or not) between a core (old) system and the HMS!! Can they all coexist, can I use V2 and V3 cameras, plugs, bulbs and sensors as part of the HMS even if they don’t “report” via the HMS? Does anyone know if I will ever be able to use HMS equipment without the monitoring fee - which will surely rise if it is mandatory.

I am buying a retreat and wanted to use Wyze for monitoring myself - don’t need remote support -, but do I throw away the spares I have currently?

I am going to have a hard time investing in the HMS (anything) with the damaged trust level and lack of customer focus they have displayed…

Thanks for the response anyway, happy the forums are still actie etc. Cheers!!