Wyze? Are you Phasing out Sense? I noticed new sensors on Wyze Home Monitoring

So I noticed a new and improved sense and just couldn’t help myself to ask is Wyze trying to avoid to pay back all the thousands of buyers the sense they bought? If so how about you give us a discount voucher for all the sense that we bought if your phasing it out. Let’s say if I only bought $40 worth of sense then you should offer me a discount coupon to buy any of your products which of course I am already doing. I hope this is the route you’re going for if you are truly phasing out sense. also, does V3 have the capability to use sense? That is the true test if sense is being phased out! If the V3 camera lacks the USB connector for sense then it is true it is being phased out silently. So if that is the case I hope you do us a solid and reimburse us all through a Wyze voucher so you do not lose people as customers, Loyalty to your product is worth more than money or market shares.

Good luck with that…

We’re all left out in the cold.

A new stand alone hub is required to use the new Sense 2 Sensors and as far as I know it is not backward compatible.

SAVE Your receipts… for any “Action” going forward ??


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Yeah I can’t countenance the usual “but they’re so cheap” argument (that I have often made myself) on this one when (a) so many people have embedded them in their homes and (b) the sensors are bricking when the batteries are low. Something should be offered existing users, at least a small trade in value. Now that the “hey they’re not a security company” baloney excuse is gone, their products should work and have a longer lifespan than the year before the battery dies…

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The entire post appears to be based on an assumption. There is no indication that the Sense 1 will stop being supported or stop being compatible with triggers.

Do you expect manufacturers to refund what you paid for their old phones (televisions, vehicles, appliances, etc…) when a new version is released?

Should we expect credit for every V2 we own towards a V3 purchase?

No, but the self-bricking sensors are a bit much. Other than that, keeping a couple of working V2s and bridges around is a fine way to keep the old sensors going. Your point is valid.

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It is a valid point and not an assumption when the new camera that came out called V3 that is replacing the V2 obviously does not have the adapter to connect the sense. I am pretty much selling off my V2 cameras and buying the V3’s but I did notice the sense is being phased out… What are there plans in the future with sense?

[Mod Edit] Wyze is like any other company on the planet and it is facing high demands on meeting its product shipments like everyone else. I am not trying to create a hate column or troll Wyze “NO!” that is not what this post was created for this post was created because I have been reading a lot of complaints about the brick sense, now we have the sense two and the V3… It is pretty obvious most of you radio shack guys and gals are going to lose your projects because in reality Wyze is a company with a product, not a hobby lobby where you can invent and be creative, You decided long ago on doing that and Wyze never told you to do it that way. On another level of understanding, There are lawyers and there are policies and if anything happens to anyone if someone dies and Wyze became responsible for it because they did not do enough to stop people from taking apart their product and create things with it then it becomes a liability. You see when you own a large company that has alot to lose/people to pay these are the challenges you need to face.

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The Sensor device remains relevant and there is no indication that Support will cease. Assuming individuals plan to spend money on unnecessary upgrades is irrelevant to the discussion. Those people that buy the latest and greatest do not typically care about the older products. Those that like to tinker will continue to see value in the older devices.

There remains functional differences between V2 and V3, which supports two markets. Just as between WCO and V3.

Sense is a failed product IMO. I have one bridge that still works. Tried to buy another plus extra sensors, and they sent 3 that were DOA in a row. after trying all of this stuff in 8 different cameras Finally refunded me but said just throw the 3 bridges and 6 dead sensors away…didn’t even want the merchandise back.

Definitely not interested in a subscription, I have a solution for home monitoring. I use sense for other monitoring and would like to buy just the sensors. Wouldn’t mind a bridge if it gave me more distance than v1. Any hope I can buy a bridge and sensors without the subscription?

Guess I’m lost here… Where is this information that the sense door sensors are any different from the first ones? I mean I sure hope they are because the ones I got were useless because of the unbelievable short short range they had. How do we know these are different? and where can I read the specs?

I think it really sucks that the “sense” doesn’t work any more with the new version V3 camera. Now it appears to be just another piece of electronic junk unless I hook one of my Pan Cams back up. I’ve got numerous WYZE products (Pan Cam, V3 Cam, Band, Scale, and Sense with several sensors) and it sure will make me hesitate before I buy anymore WYZE products. BTW I don’t want Professional Home Monitoring.


Just point it at a wall or cover the lens and call it a “bridge”.

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