Official Word on Sense?

Running a couple v2 Cams and a few Plugs, all mostly working as needed. Now would like to add Sensors for door status - Nothing complicated, just simple notification on Open/Closed.

From what I can see, the v2 “Entry Sensor” would be the right product but there is a warning about requiring some additional “Home Monitoring” (HM) option…

Forum posts on the Sense are confusing - v1 Sense is obsolete, v2 requires HM maybe, some get v2 working w/o HM or in some sort of Test mode as workaround, standalone Sense is in progress, Hub?, Bridge? etc, etc…

What is the Wyze official story here? Simply want local, reliable, standalone Sensors…


It’s definitely a mess ATM. What you said is close, though.

The new V2 sensors require a Hub (like the old Bridge you used to plug into a V2 cam for the V1s). Currently, that Hub is only sold with the Home Monitoring System. Pandemic shortages have it restricted to that, because that is Wyze’s focus ATM. So, if you want to start using the V2 sensors, you need to buy that HMS starter kit.

The people who got the V2 sensors working w/o HM in some sort of Test mode are simply people who bought the kit but are not using it in security mode. Thus, they leave the system in test mode. Test mode will NOT notify the security monitoring service if there is an alert generated by the sensors.

Theoretically, standalone Sense is in progress if they ever get enough kits to sell. Standalone Sense would just be the kit without the HMS license.

BTW, I am not from Wyze, so nothing official here (they don’t normally get that deep into the user-to-user forum). I am just another user like yourself.


Disappointing… HMS might be OK for some but think Users would also support a Sensor system without the need for subscription.

Is the “Wishlist” best Official method for submitting a request?

Thanks for the reply.

Here is how the wishlist works…

As @Newshound mentioned it is in progress so I don’t think a WishList item would help.


There is one if you would like to vote!

Thanks all for the feedback. Found what appear to be several related Wishlist posts and Voted…

Again disappointing, frustrating - A simple Sensor that can be integrated into the Wyze environment without unneeded bells and whistles.

I understand Wyze wanting to get rid of all of the V1 sense products. They can make more money and a guaranteed income for the most part with the V2 line. But what is total BS is how this latest update has completely made all of my sensors obsolete. I’m not gonna go spend a hundred dollars to get all new sensors and then also pay for monthly monitoring. I don’t need monitoring that’s why I have the [Mod Edit] sensors. When I get an alert on my phone I’ll look at it if somebody’s in my house I deal with it. I called the tech-support today and was told basically to [Mod Edit] off. I’ve now turned my life‘s mission of getting as many of my friends and family to buy these products and now instead and making sure everybody I know does not buy these products. As a general customer you shouldn’t be treated this way and if you’re going to have an update make An entire line of products obsolete you should tell people first. And also not force them to do the update. Jesus what company is this? Apple? Having done surveillance for years and Being incredibly satisfied with their initial products, this company has taken a complete [Mod Edit] in the last year.

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This is my complaint too. On the same day a couple months ago every single one of my v1 motion and contact sensors stopped working.

Wyze support told me to delete and re add them all. I was skeptical but I tried it. Of course it didn’t work. They time out every time even though they act normal. I get three flashes, they all have good batteries which I verified with a volt meter. Doesn’t matter which of my three available camera/bridge combos I try.

Wyze support won’t help, they just tell me there is nothing they can do because they are more than 30 days old and they don’t have any replacements for the v1 sense products and my only option is to buy new sensors, their hub, and monitoring subscription service that I don’t want.

It’s such an awful thing to do to customers. I don’t recommend Wyze to anyone anymore. I am furious to have spent so much money with Wyze and to be treated so poorly. Clearly there is an issue with their app or back end that won’t let me re add these perfectly normal working sensors, I can only assume they have set it up on the back end so you can’t reply any v1 sensors anymore so they can force you to either buy their subscription service or abandon Wyze altogether - either way they get rid of customers they have decided to victimize and defraud.

Wyze warranties for a period of one (1) year, and these are several years old.

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@Newshound Yes but having multiple customers all lose this device simultaneously with an update. [Mod Edit] They’re just trying to force everybody to buy a new product their home monitoring, which what’s going to happen the next time they come out with another product they’re gonna break all of my other devices?. This isn’t just one guy that’s had this issue.

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I still have 6 v1 contact sensors and 5 v1 motion sensors all working. If Wyze was purposely killing them with an update mine would also be dead.


Yeah and some of these sensors are less than one year old and I get the same line from support every time I try to get someone to address this issue. The replacements that were sent have the same problem, I cannot add them to any of my three usb bridges, it times out every time. I’ve tried using the iPhone and Android version of the app, no difference.

You don’t think it’s at all indicative of a product problem when TWELVE sensors stop working on the same day and the batteries all read well over three volts? Do you think on the exact same day twelve sensors and three bridges all went bad at once? Does that even sound reasonably plausible to you. And if Wyze thinks that is what happened wouldn’t you want to investigate that thoroughly?

This issue has plagued a huge number of people. Search the forums. Read the Wyze subreddit. Ignoring it just makes Wyze look mediocre and untrustworthy.

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I don’t think an update caused my problem, I think it’s something bizarre likely on the Wyze back end that is preventing me from adding sensors back onto my account.

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I agree, this is beyond frustrating. I have had multiple sensors stop working. After contacting WYZE, their solution was for ME to purchase the v2 sensors and also told me to purchase the home monitoring service.

I find it unacceptable that their solution for bad sensors is for the customers to purchase more products and services. NOPE!

I really wanted to like Wyze products. For the price, I was willing to tolerate some bugs, which I will agree that Wyze was quick to address. But I cannot support a company that will not stand behind its products.


Apparently still no “stand-alone” contact sensors from Wyze. Switching to Aqara…

Standalone (HMS subscription not required ) is available via Wyze app Shop only:

Apologies if true but not appearing within within my App - Please provide current direct link to product purchase listing…

I believe that you could Order the kit and additional sensors with the monthly plan a 9.99, then cancel the plan and it should then operate as a stand alone system. However, I haven’t tried that, so not certain. I’m on the HMS yearly plan.

@baldeagle69 - Thanks for the reply.

Do you know the HMS cancellation policy? Is there a “trial” period?

In other words wondering, if ordering under monthly plan - Can plan be cancelled within, let’s say 7 days, for full refund or is the original $9.99 for 1st month service forfeit and therefore cost of package is actually dollars for equipment PLUS at least the 1st month service fee. Same for annual which offers better equipment pricing? (BTW, tried to ask this question via Chat and gave up waiting for connection after 15 minutes or so…)