Something that I hate Wyze

I bought Wyze sensors a couple years ago.
At that point, Wyze advertised to use Wyze contact sensors for checking anyone open a jar, open the fridge, etc. I bought the sensors because of those reason. I used it to monitor whether the medicine storage has been opened to check that I eat the pills on the day.
Now, they discontinues the sensors without any reason. They do not sell new sensors too. If their company is closed, I understand. However, it is not the case.
Wyze understand that there is limited battery life time of the sensors, but they just do not do anything that.

The old V1 motion and contact sensors were discontinued and replaced by the redesigned V2 motion & entry sensors. Unfortunately, sales of those new sensors are currently being restricted to Home Monitoring subscribers. Hopefully that will change as production ramps up.

Once they are available for general sales you will need the $40 starter kit, as the sensor talks to a Hub now, and not the old V1 Bridge. The Hub then talks to your network as the bridge used to do when it was connected to the back of V2 camera. This change was made mainly because V3 cameras do not have the port on the back for a Bridge to plug into.


To add on:
The V1 sensors can be added to the V2 hub in case you’re getting rid of your V2 camera(s), but the V1 sensors will only do automations not HMS alarms.
The V2 sensors are supposed to be more reliable then the V1s and the have been for me so far.