Questions about Wyze Home Monitoring System

I used the 1st generation of Wyze sensor to detect whether a cabinet door was opened. I stored my medicine there. I tracked whether I took the pill on that day. Now no more 1st generation Wyze sensor.

I don’t mind to buy the 2nd generation because of tracking the cabinet door. However, here are my questions.

  1. Do I have to use with Wyze Home Monitoring Service? I do not want someone send me police when I open the cabinet door to take my pills.
  2. How long of the range does the Hub cover? Since I saw that I am needed to buy a package of sensors, I may put one in my garage.
  3. Do I have to use the Keypad?

So this is a long reply because we need more info, it’s temporarily a complicated subject, and because some of the solutions are untested by me.

First, why aren’t you able to use your old V1 cabinet sensor?

  1. If it’s because you replaced the old Bridge V2 camera with a V3 cam, then consider running the V2 cam is a corner somewhere to continue to support the V1 Bridge and your V1 sensors.

  2. If it’s because the bridge is bad, then you will need a new V2 Hub (to be discussed later), assuming your current V1 Bridge doesn’t work in another V2 camera.

  3. If it’s because the V1 contact sensor you are using on your cabinet is bad, then if you don’t have another V1 contact sensor to repurpose to that duty, you will need a V2 entry sensor WITH the new Hub. The store will tell you that a V2 sensor will not work with a V1 Bridge.

Getting the V2 Hub:

The only way to get the new V2 hub today (what used to be called the bridge) is to buy a WHM package.

Hopefully soon they will sell at least the starter kit without WHM, or the V2 Hub on its own. But with production of the Hubs still limited, we aren’t there yet.

To answer your other questions:

ATM you have to at least buy the license. However, the license is $60, and they are giving you a $40 discount on the starter kit. So you are paying an extra $20 for what they send you.

I would expect the V2 Hub to cover the same distance as the V1 Bridge. That is to say, a small house (1500 sq ft?) If you need further, there are many techniques that can be applied, like putting the V2 Hub or V1 Bridge camera on an extended WiFi leash.

No. Just don’t activate the WHM license. If you DO activate the license, put it in Test Mode and leave it that way if you’re not interested in active monitoring.


why aren’t you able to use your old V1 cabinet sensor? <== Run out of power and the sensor cannot be recharged.

The sensor can be recharged by putting a new battery in it. HOWEVER, the V1 sensors had a kill problem if the battery wasn’t changed in time. Is that you, or do you just need a new battery?

Another Maven tested whether a V2 sensor can be used with a V1 Bridge, like the support article I ran across said it could. Unfortunately, the app will not present the V1 Bridge as an assignment option for a V2 sensor.

So if you can’t successfully replace the V1’s sensor battery, then you will need a V2 sensor and Hub (the WHM “starter kit”, which is currently only sold with the WHM license, as they are still in short supply).

I changed my answer in my first post to reflect that.