Wyze V1 Sensors

Hi folks… quick question.
Im considering getting the home monitoring.
I have a million cameras, bulbs, etc… almost everything wyze sells haha.
However I have many of the original open close sensors, and they have never worked right.
Ive had nothing but issues from day 1. Have those initial issues been resolved (i havent tried them in a long time). or are there still major issues?
Last thing I want is to install them and have them fail when I need them most.
Or would you fully recommend the v2 sensors instead? are they considerably better?
thanks in advance.

The V1 Sensors work on the V2 Hub, so you can pair it with that. However, the V1 sensors could be bricked if they run out of Battery. The V2 Sensors use AAA batteries and don’t suffer from that.

I have had no issues with mine, Both V1 and V2 sensors. The V2 sensors are larger, so that may be a concern of yours.

V1 sensors don’t work with Home Monitoring. You would need to purchase the starter kit plus as many V2 sensors as you need. Also, the V1 sensors are no longer available. The V2s are the only option.

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You are correct, should have mentioned that. Thanks for clarifying it.

V1 sensors do not work with the Home Monitoring System. However, you can Pair it with the V2 Hub and use it in the same fashion you currently do with the V1. I currently do that.

However, if I have started switching to the v2 sensors to use with the Home Monotoring Sensors, eliminate the bricking issue, and because they take normal AAA batteries.