Best way to replace v1 sensors and motion sensor?

I was an early adapter and got the first version of wyze sense and motion sensors. Like many experienced, the sense units didn’t stay put and would fall off the windows and doors I had them on. They also went offline easily and I eventually gave up on them.

But I’m really missing wyze sense for the garage freezer door… It was great to get an alert if it was left open.

My v1 motion sensor lasted a lot longer. We had it in the pantry set to turn wyze bulbs off and on based on motion detection. Last month it finally stopped working. After tons of troubleshooting, new batteries, reconnecting and so on…, it’s been determined that it’s dead.

So now I need to replace the motion sensor and would really like to replace the sense as well…


I was looking at the wyze sense v2 products and it looks like the only way I can duplicate what I used to have it to buy the home monitoring service? I want this product for my pantry lights Wyze Sense Motion Sensor and I think this will work for my freezer door. Wyze Sense Entry Sensor

Is the only way for me to get this a purchase of the home monitoring program and core kit? (totalling $100)

ARE THESE V2 SENSORS better than V1? I don’t really want the whole home monitoring thing. I don’t need another wyze cam. I have all the locks and outdoor cams and doorbell cam… I just want those two sensors. Any work around?

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At the moment, the V2 sensors are only being sold with the alarm system. I expect that will change as more new Sense kits become available. Right now production is ramping up, and there is a heck of a chip and logistics shortage out there. Wyze is waiting unusual amounts of time on most everything they sell.

Do you have any V1 sensors in less interesting locations that you can rotate to these locations?

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I think that you will need the hub from Home Monitoring in order for the v2 sensors to work. The v2 sensors alone will no nothing.

Thank you. Unfortunately all my v1 sensors have kicked the bucket.

If I get the home monitoring kit, am I required to pay for the monthly service for all the sensors to work?

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I am in this same situation and I am wondering the same thing!

No, you don’t even need to set that tab up at all. Just add the Hub, then the sensors, then update any rules with the new devices.


I am in a similar situation, and not wanting to wait for a solution, are there any other hardware options, Wyze or not Wyze, that could be implemented in the meantime? I need ones that do not use IFTTT or other 3rd party providers, although I suspect that is an impossibility. TIA

Same boat! and the sensor is a favorite!