No good replacement for v1 sensors?

So, is there still no good replacement for v1 sensors? I really have no need for an alarm system or any expensive hub system, I just want to turn on some lights automatically when I open a door, but the v1 sensor I was using for this has died. (no lights at all, so it’s completely dead, not just soft bricked)

I looked at the hub pack, but it’s not available, and wyze wants $100 for the basic sense pack with a bunch of useless monitoring/homes security stuff thrown in, This is over 4x the cost of a set of the v1 sensors when they were available, and far outside of the amount I’m willing to pay to turn on light bulbs.

So is wyze ever going to release a comparably priced sensor only pack for those of us who just want to do home automation tasks with them?


Me too. I have a couple of V1’s still working. But I also scouted some replacements before they are needed. I encourage you to look at Yolink. They sell a hub and pair of motion sensors. Once you have the $21 hub, you can add other stuff. (You can not find a better long distance sensor than Yolink - 1,000 feet. I have one in a mailbox. Works great, 2 year battery life.)

You can also look for a simple WiFi or motion sensor on Amazon. Should be less than $20. No, this does not compete with the original very very cheap price of the V1’s, but nothing stays the same.


You can use this contact sensor: