For motion sensor V1 owners, what did you replace them with?

This is for people who had the V1 sensors that died.
Especially those who replaced their sensors with another brand.

I’m not that interested in subscription to the service and then cancelling. To me that’s BS and puts a hardship on the customers.

Take a look at YoLink. More products (other than cameras), good self monitoring, better alerting and better range.

Can they control wyze lights without any other software?

I’d like to say buying the Hub will help you in the future, but I can’t say that. The Hub is good for all the sensors they have now, however (motion, contact, climate, leak, etc – V1 or V2).

IMO, they have handled the Hub SO poorly. Definitely not a ‘friend’ when you make your friends jump thru hoops just to buy a product (the subscription you have to cancel).

But that’s the reality we have. I’d buy the Hub and cancel the monthly subscription (that’s another hoop, as the yearly subscription gives you a free hub, but can’t be cancelled without paying for it, so just do monthly and cancel).

You also may be able to buy V1 sensors on eBay, but I would imagine for an increased cost or no warranty. With V1 sensors if you didn’t heed the warning about a low battery, it likely died for good. So buy only if they will accept returns.

The YoLink sensors won’t control Wyze products directly, but no third party products will. You’d need Alexa or IFTTT or some other intermediary program to do that. YoLink has their own switches and plugs that can interact with YoLink sensors without the need for ANY software.