Why the discontinuation of the sensor kit that had so many useful applications and worked well with Alexa and Google

Those sensors did many things to keep my house, vehicles, garage doors, and private areas safe and monitored by wyze cameras when setting rules. What my customers loved the most is I use to use them for their vehicles that were parked outside of their home garage. I use to set the sensors in each vehicle and Alexa could tell you exactly what vehicle someone was in in real time. That one was my best seller and selling point. The connectors and sensors were used for people who got up late at night to use the restroom. the sensor would detect the persons getting out of bed and turn on certain lights then the connection on the bathroom door would turn on the bathroom light and also in some cases alert Alexa or Google Assistant speakers and even love ones that someone is up and in a certain bathroom. People who wanted limited assistant living really enjoyed this perk. Now it is gone. These devices were very small, practical, and convenient. From the many customers that I have installed and setup these sensors felt safer, independent, and confident within themselves. If there is a way to continue getting these sensors or best replacements please let me know so I can continue offering the best solutions for my customers and love ones. Thanks

Are you taking about the sense v1 that went into the back of the cams? The new v2 is the replacement.

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I’m talking about the contact sensors and motion sensor kit and the I guess hub that went in back of the 1st pan cam’s. I am wondering if wyze discontinued the kit. The kit that use to be $20 awhile back.

I didn’t know there was a V2 of the sensors out. Then yes. What is the name because I can’t find them.

The V2 sensors work only with the Wyze Sense Hub. Currently, the Wyze Sense Hub cannot be purchased from Wyze without the purchase of the Home Monitoring Service. It also cannot be purchased individually. It’s kinda their hook to get the subscription. I have only seen the hub offered as part of the starter kit. Sensors, on the other hand, can be purchased separately.

Wyze Sense Hub w\ HMS from Wyze Shop

Also sold at other outlets. Links to the Hub Kit:

Do a Google Shopping search for Wyze Sense Hub and you will find many results. The Wyze Sense Hub is usually sold as a bundle kit with a 6 month free trial to HMS that does not have to be activated or renewed.

NOTE: The Sense Hubs DO NOT require a subscription for the sensors to operate as you have described, and subscriptions purchased from Wyze can be cancelled for a prorated refund. :wink:

Hubs can also be found for sale individually on marketplace or eBay, however you MUST be certain you are getting a “New, sealed in original box” or from a site that has a bulletproof return policy. There were firmware updates in the past that bricked hubs and the hub firmware cannot be manually flashed or reverted.

I have the Hub w\ HMS and dozens of V2 motion sensors and V2 contact sensors. Most are running on original batteries for over a year. Rules and notifications are set up easily. The V2 sensors fixed the issue of the V1 sensors when the battery would die an brick the sensor.


This looks like the starter kit with a free 3 months of monitoring which you probably don’t need to activate.


Yes, this is the kit I purchased from Home Depot on Sale for $49.99 at the time. It was my gateway drug into the world of motion and contact sensors. I never activated anything in the way of the home security system. Very surprised Wyze doesn’t offer this setup without the false pretense that one must activate the home security system to get it to work.

I use the sensors for triggering Wyze Lights and Alexa routines.



This is what I’m talking about.

Yes, those are the discontinued V1 sensors. They’ve been unavailable for quite a while. The V2 sensors and the hub are the only Wyze alternatives available. The V1s had a critical flaw that bricked them if the battery got too low or failed.


Well with the last response and my discussion question answered I think this is it. Thank you all for your responses and your support. Just like the V1 sensors I will now discontinue this discussion. Again, thank you all for your support. :grinning:

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Once of the reasons why I am not buying any more WYZE Products. The original sensors were poorly designed. If the batteries died in the sensor before you could replace it, it was bricked. Why, the MAC address in the sensor was programmed into volatile memory. Then the kill the option to replace them, requiring a !00 dollar kit, that does not support the old sensors.

Not to mention they almost shutdown last year due to a lack of financing. At the last minute they got a Angel Investor. If they go out of business all your stuff will stop working.

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I ask you the same thing, I have several and I am very happy with their performance, they should relaunch them again

Their should be a class action lawsuit again these guys. The wyze cam sense never worked. Then they have the audacity to put out V2 and for people to pay for their crappy monitoring system. They never cared about fixing their products and instead are in it to gouge their customers. I too am done with this POS company.

I have been addicted to the brand for 3 years and I see fewer and fewer successes with the development of new products. I have bought more than 200 different products from them. The old kit of sensors although they were not perfect, they were very versatile and reliable, then they disappear to launch the system of bridge and outdoor camera that in my opinion was a big failure. Having such a large user community, they could ask about our different needs and thus develop a good product for everyone.

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I’ve had v1 motion and door sensors for a couple of years now. They have worked amazingly well. I reluctantly bought the $70 Wyze Sense v2 bundle and I am less than impressed. They function, but triggering actions is several seconds slower than v1 motion. The v2 Door sensor performance matches v1.

That being said, the sensors themselves are much bigger than the v1 sensors. Door sensor is twice as big and the motion sensor is 3 to 4 times bigger than v1. I get why they went the route they did. They needed to generate revenue. But v2 seems like an step backwards instead of forwards.