Multiple v1 cams status blinking blue after reboots (5/4/22)

I have four Wyze Cam v1 cameras. Last night (5/4/22), one of them went offline. I found its status light blinking blue and performed a power off reset. It went through the boot sequence normally, but returned to a blinking blue status light and remained unreachable on the app, both on Android and iOS.

So, I swapped it out with another v1 that was currently working fine. But then that camera also stuck at a blinking blue status light.

I found that Wyze cloud services were having issues on 5/3, so I attributed the problems I was having with my cameras to that and went to sleep.

But this morning, there’s no change in the situation. I’ve tried reboots, resets and attempted reconfiguration (which gets to scanning the QR code fine but won’t get past Connecting), and manual firmware flashes from sd card, but nothing has gotten me past a blinking blue status light. I can monitor from my router each camera successfully connecting to wifi and getting an IP address.

I rebooted a 3rd v1 camera this morning and it has now also gotten stuck at the blinking blue status light.

It seems highly unlikely that three working cameras have hardware failures. This seems like something on Wyze’s side. It’s probably the same thing this user is also experiencing.

Does anyone have any further information? Are there still issues with the Wyze cloud and v1 cameras?



Two of my seven cameras are V1 and one went off line. Tried to repower, no help. Tried to start as a new device and after getting the QR scan code message the camera gets stuck at the blinking blue light. So I went to move my other V1 camera and simply unplugging and relocating it also failed to come back online.

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I have a V1 that has been working flawlessly since 11/2017 and the other day I decided to take it offline to read the uSD card. I’ve not been able to get it back online since. I spent yesterday morning with chat support to no avail. I shutdown my 5G band on my router. I went to my neighbors to see if I could get it online there – no luck. I’ve done the factory reset and reloaded the latest firmware. I can see it get an IP address and I can ping it. It just won’t authenticate on the network. It seems very suspect that the V1 cameras would just stop working ?


Are these CamPlus Lite accounts?

I was in exact situation with my V2. but after countless
Submitting a lots of log(S) and post in Fix it Friday.
Wyze did semi-fix it . Still have OFFline screen., otherwise it is functioning.
I think there is glitch in their Camera registration.

Good Luck.

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No CamPlus Lite in play here. I don’t think v1 even supports it, if I’m remembering right.

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Your are correct CamPlus Lite has nothing to do with the issues I’m having with my V1.

The last message from tech support today suggested I buy a new wyze cam !

If the official word is that v1 is no longer supported I’m fine with that, but it needs to be made official. The problem is that the last official word is the opposite.

From the email sent by Wyze on 1/26/22:

After almost 5 amazing years, we’ll be retiring Wyze Cam v1 on February 1, 2022 as it can no longer support a necessary security update.

You can still use your Wyze Cam v1 after this date,* but as our End-of-Life policy states, Wyze will no longer sell, improve, or maintain Wyze Cam v1.

*Please note that one consequence of retiring the Wyze Cam v1 is that Wyze will no longer be actively monitoring for and patching new security vulnerabilities for that product. As a result, your continued use of the Wyze Cam v1 after February 1, 2022 carries increased risk, is discouraged by Wyze and is entirely at your own risk.

Still no change of status for my cameras today.

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Yes, you wont receive any support for the v1, as its discontinued. If you have an issue, they suggest purchasing a new cam thats supported.

Having the exact same issue. Now I’m nervous to disconnect the other v1 cameras I have :pleading_face::sweat:

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Wyze was too good to be true. They lost their way.


Do not disconnect! When I went to relocate my other V1 it would not come back online.


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My V2 cam and V2 pan cam no longer connect.

V2 pan cam is quite new .
should submit log.

Sorry, my pan cam is one of the early ones. However, it and thev2 cam worked fine two weeks ago.

I had one V1 that would not connect so I decided to move another V1 in its place, it would not reconnect after powering it down. Tried re-adding it and it gets past the Scan QR Code but fails connecting, both are doing the exact same thing. The 3rd V1 I have has continued to work but has not lost power or connection, so when it does I expect the same thing. Seems Wyze EOPL is a bit more stringent than the announcement.

Wyze admitted there is an outage with V1 cameras. I had two V1 cams go offline last week. Same problem as reported here.

Wyze: Can we get an update on the fix for this problem please.

Contact Wyze if you are having the same issue.

Most recent firmware has taken ever camera to which it was applied offline. Power cycle doesn’t help. Last known good firmware is Did these updates after signing up for Cam+ Unlimited. Cameras to I did NOT apply the latest firmware still work. I guess this is how they keep the number of enrolled cameras to a minimum. Support didn’t have an answer. Sent me “steps to try.” Cameras are 130 miles away. Very disappointing.

Is there a way to downgrade firmware? Since I can’t connect to the app I really have no control on the camera.

You can find the firmware here and download it but the V1 hasn’t been updated:

I think jwbeckman misspoke as the v1 never had a firmware as high as I tried reflashing the available firmware manually but had no change in behavior.