Wyze Cam Connection (error code 90)

We are unable to use the updated iPhone app to connect to Wyze Cam v1. It gives the error ‘Device is offline (error code 90)’. When I go to settings for the camera in the iPhone app and go to Device Info, it shows the camera connected with good signal strength. Why are we not able to view the video stream even though the camera appears to be connected to WiFi?

I just noticed that the indicator light is flashing blue but it’s been doing that for over 30 min.

Have to tried to turn the power off to the cam and turn it back on after about 45 sec.-1min ?

Yes. The same thing is happening after power cycling the cam for 1 min. I have v3.9.4.16 of the firmware (released in 2019). Will upgrading the firmware make any difference?

I do not own a V1 or a V2 but I see on the release notes that the V1 does have a newer version of firmware from Jan. 2020. You can try it out and if that doesn’t work you can change it back to Is your app updated to 2.30.0?

Directions to do a manual flash of the cameras is here, V1 is on the bottom paragraph.

Sorry for the trouble. The issue may be caused by the AWS outage on May 3rd. Is the camera recovered now?

I have the same issue 3 of my 4 cameras won’t connect I can see them on my google wifi app So its either a wyze app issue or a cloud issue Please help