Wyze cam v2 dysfunction after upgrade to

The wyze cam i activated since Dec 2018 with MAC address 2C AA 8E 03 50 D3 (i call it the “old wyze cam”), when i upgraded it to since mid Dec 2019, i can never have it functioned properly again. The problem is: i can connect to the cam (i am sure on this point because i can do a device restart via the wyze mobile app. However, whenever i tried to stream the video, it says that my camera is not connected. The problem persists despite i have the camera hard-reset a few times . Let me emphasize: i am pretty sure the WiFi at my home is working perfectly as i can control the the device restart feature and i can add another wyze cam under the same network environment! (see my next paragraph).

And today, i just activated another wyze cam v2 with MAC address 2C AA 8E 30 89 89 (i call it the "new wyze cam) running firmware The setup was completed in less than 1 minute and it is serving me well now.

By comparing the firmware of the 2 devices and my experience, my deduction is that a firmware upgrade of my old wyze cam to thesuggested version sucks !


Welcome to the community, @leopong. I would first try reflashing to the current version of the firmware on that camera.

You can find the release notes, and the current and older firmware for all the publically versions at this next link.

thanks @DreadPirateRush, your suggestion works, i flashed it to and it works properly now.

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile: