Blink Blue Light and no Connection

Cam has been online and working since release. No firmware updatre has been installed to my knowledge. Turned on cam today and wasn’t able to connect to camera. Power cycled camera through Wyze app. Cam is stuck at blue blinking light unable to connect. Steps taken to resolve:

  • Power cycled Cam (Left unplugged for 5min)
  • Tried 4 different power outlets (Directly to Known good power outlet & tried with 2 known good power strips)
  • Removed SD Card and power cycled Cam
  • Removed Pan Cam v3 from Wyze app then attempted to add back
  • Get through setup and camera reconnects and works for 1-5 hours before disconnecting again.
  • Checked Wyze support website for manual firmware download to try flashing. (No Firmware Currently Available to download for Pan Cam v3)

All 5 of my devices are having the same error support requested a log which I provided and decided they just want to give me a gift card. I’d rather have this fixed and see if anyone else is having these issues.

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WiFi signal is possibly too weak?

Not the problem. It’s streaming 500 MBPS and all streaming locations have been verified for signal strength on the 5 ghz and 2.4 GHz connections.

Additionally they are located through different areas and it’s not effecting older cameras on the network. This occurred after update

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Cams can’t be power cycled thru the app, only manually. How were you able to reset the cam thru the app if the cam didn’t connect? Or, is it that it couldn’t be turned on or off?

So did the cam fail after an update or randomly without an update?

There are 3 prior versions of the Pan V3 Firmware available on the Wyze Firmware & Updates page available for download and manual flash…,, and

They all were cycled manually.

I thought no firmware update happened but it seems that they all failed post update

I thought it was random but that’s the only correlation I have.

I haven’t attempted a manual flash but I will tomorrow.