Wyze pan cam v2 keep going off line and requires a power recycle to come back online

Got this a couple of months ago when it came out was working fine but now all of a sudden it keeps freezing the blue light in front starts flashing really fast. The camera still tracks but I can’t see the feed and it does not record anything to the cloud the only way I can get it to come back online is by power cycling it. Also how do you contact Wyze support every time I try the stupid bot comes up and keeps suggesting the same useless things over and over.

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Did you recently update the Firmware?

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I am not sure as it started happening over a month ago so I may have updated the firmware. Should I try downgrading? I have tried resetting it to factory and re registering it and that didn’t work.

What is the firmware version you are on now?

It sounds to me like your cam is loosing it’s WiFi network connectivity link to the router and having a hard time reestablishing it. Check your WiFi settings and the signal at the cam to make sure it is good. Next time it does it, resent the WiFi router and see if it comes back online. If it does, problem is in the router.

My wyze cam pam2 is doing exactly the same thing. Flashlight blue light. I have tried everything and reset everything. Wyze sent me a new camera but same thing happened. Did you find a fix yet?

No solution yet also tried resetting and reboot is the on,y thing that works. Even tried rebooting the routers and access points but once it is in the fast flashing blue state it will not come out without a power cycle. At this point I will replace it with my Wyze cam 3 or 2 as they never have this issue.