WYZE Cam Pan keeps disconnecting? Help?

Just recently purchased and installed the WYZE Cam Pan 1080p as a baby monitor. It was working great, but for some reason in the last 24 hours the camera keep going offline and tells me I need to reset or power cycle the camera to reconnect.

I have no idea why. My internet has not gone out and the WYZE app tells me that is a cause, but what else could be causing this issue.

Would appreciate any help I don’t really want to return the item but I don’t want to keep it if it keeps turning off.

I’m on an Android device if that helps, the camera is also well within range of the wi-fi (full strength signal)

Same issues with all my cameras. Started yesterday.

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I wonder if it’s the firmware update I installed the night before then…?

You can try this for now

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I set it up to do this, still went down today. Supposed to be a baby monitor and isn’t monitoring the baby while she is napping right now. Sigh.

I’ve set up some new rules to turn it off and on and reset throughout the day and night multiple times throughout, but good grief it worked fine when I hooked it up last Monday up until Thursday when it started to go down repeatedly. I did install firmware update on Wednesday. Could that be the issue?

What firmware version?

This is mine

Are you using the rtsp firmware? If so, download to the latest version.

No I’m not. I appreciate the advice, but I bought this on recommendation from my best friend who has this exact camera for the same reason and he isn’t having this issue. I just called and asked to make sure. So maybe it’s a faulty product. My patience with it is done. as once again today after the new RULES that turn it off and on and reset all through the day and night, I still can’t have it available to monitor my child. I may try to exchange it on Amazon, I may just refund it. Not sure.

sorry I couldn’t help. Maybe you will have better luck with another camera.

I greatly appreciate it. Sincerely.

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Same camera and issue. Now I
I’m 300 miles away and cannot check on small pets. Was working fine until now. Outdoor camera is still accessible. Cant very easily do anything to the actual camera. Was able to restart network remotely and that made no difference. Camera still showing offline but is connected and running on the home network. Its Memorial day weekend and Wyze support is not available 7ntil Tuesday.

have you tried to update your app and then restart your phone? It is a shot in the dark but sometimes a phone reboot helps.

After spending time on Wyze customer support, their cameras do not work on 5G wifi networks. That’s likely most everyone’s connectivity issue. Its mine. I’ve returned the camera and am expecting a replacement that is supposed to work on a 5G network to arrive on Tuesday.

Most router shave dual band 2.4g and 5g. I don’t see how that would be a problem if they installed it on this type of router.

Many do offer both. Currently my modem and router is not offering both, strictly 5G, I went through every step and permutation I could with Wyze. Wyze recommendation was to get my ISP to redo everything and get the 2.4, which I wasnt going to do for numerous reasons. For $4 more I got another HD camera that works on 5g, I’ll find out Tuesday if it works.

Also, just finding Wyze’s phone number on their website to call customer service was WAY more involved than it should be to find, so I’m not particularly keen to continue service with them when they are seemingly trying to avoid talking with their customers to answer connectivity questions with their products.