Pan v2 cameras all disconnecting but others connected

I have five of the Pan v2 cameras and since last week they all constantly disconnect after a few hours if I’m lucky to get that long.

I’ve factory reset all the cameras and restarted my router but it didn’t fix the issue.

My two outdoor cameras and my one Pan v1 camera all work perfectly fine.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Hello, I am having the PT v2 issue myself. I have a very similar set-up with multiple v3s with no disconnect issues. I have contacted Wyze Support and sent in a log. Still no joy.

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You’re not alone. Same thing here. I have about 30 cameras at 4 different locations. Blend of v2’s v3’s, floodlight cams, and pan v2’s.

All of the Pan v2’s have been going offline without fail and ONLY the pan v2’s. Everything else is perfectly fine. Started a few weeks ago. Unplugging and plugging back in works for maybe an hour or two and then right back offline with -67 error code. I’ve tried everything but this 100% is a wyze issue.

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I contacted Wyze and they are supplying me with a replacement unit under warranty. From what I understand this not going to help.

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Apparently, there is so issue with the Pan v2 cameras because if there was then they would tell their customers about it. We’ll see if that is the truth once my replacement come in.

My replacement is on route. Will advise

All my pan V2 AND V3 Pro have the same problem. I try reboot the router and cameras nothing works. It’s good for few hours at its best, then I have to reboot the camera again . Otherwise it will tell me I have connection issue and need to power cycle camera. ALL V3 cam is fine .

And yet I’m being told by support if there was a system wide issue they would tell their customers. I find it odd there are so many of us have issues with multiple of the same cameras for it not to individual problems.