Pan Cams not connecting

Is anyone having issues with their Pan Cams not connecting? As of 3 hrs ago: which is when I noticed, all 4 of my cams are failing to connect and state they are offline. The 2 cams that show connecting images are the V2 cams.Screenshot_20191206-000628_Wyze

I have 2 Pan Cams online and neither one have had any recent disconnect problems. The only problem I had recently was yesterday I had to unplug/replug to do a hard restart on the one with the Bridge attached because I stopped getting notifications from Wyze contact sensors. That happens every once in a while though for some reason and I don’t know what causes it.

After unpluging all 4 Pan Cams, router, uninstalling and then reinstalling the Wyze app, I was able to get 3 out of the 4 Pan Cams to work; 1 Cam remains “offline”, unable to connect.