Pan Cam Connectivity has

I have 5 Wyze cameras (3 cubes and 2 pan). The 3 cubes works flawlessly with great video. The pan cams lose connectivity and reboots every few minutes. I even sat next to the router and it stills drop connectivity. Does anyone else have any connection problems with their pan cameras?

I’d contact Support on this … sounds like bad cameras

I have 4 v2 cams and about 10 pan cams. :sunglasses:. None of them have dropped offline. Perhaps you are experiencing an interference issue on the 2.4 GHz band. Unplug one of the v2 cams and plug in the pan cam using the same cable and position. If the pan cam still drops off it could be defective but 3 doing the same thing is peculiar.

Sorry for the confusion, but my 3 V2’s are up and running fine, opened one pan cam and connected fine but keep dropping connectivity. I traded places with all V2 cans and same problem. I am reluctant to open the second one in case I have to take them back to HD. Thanks for all the answers. Never figured it could be a bad pan cam as I’m stickler for quality control products. Actions as follows:

  1. reboot/restart pan cam
  2. restart wyze app
  3. hooked pan cam to 3 different V2 cam locations
  4. double checked 2.4 connectivity
  5. hooked pan cam next to router

I bought all of my Wyze cams at Home Depot … mostly for convenience … and secondly cause they’ll swap it out or refund, no questions asked, even if the box has been opened.

They don’t offer the technical know how to troubleshoot, and it’s WAY easier for them to swap.

Problem solved! Corrupted memory card😡

how did you find that your memory card was corrupted? Did you re-format in the camera and that solved your problem? My Pan Cam loses connection quite frequently as well. I have had to put it on a smart outlet where I can power cycle it remotely to get it back online. I have 3 cubes v2 that never lose connection. All on the same network.