Two camera's do not stay connected

I have two Pam Cans. They do not stay connected. They keep disconnecting. One is about 10 feet from router the other about 15 feet. both have the latest firmware installed, and I have the latest version of the Wyze app installed.
Very frustrating, I have them showing on a tablet that is15 feet from router.
To get them reconnected I simply tap on the icon and they reconnect fine.
It is annoying that I hear a vehicle outside to make a delivery, and once again the camera is off.
Maybe it is time to move to another system. This is very frustrating.
Any suggestions?

There are so many things that could be affecting this, it is hard to say for sure. In your case I would probably contact support and see if they have any insight into what is going on.

It seems you are not the only one having issues with Cam Pan Connectivity lately:

From what I have read, it might be helpful to trying “Flashing” the firmware back to a previous version (there are instructions in that thread for how to do this).

If that doesn’t help, I’m not necessarily saying your issues are being caused by one the things in the following post/list, but it might help give you some ideas of other things to consider:

I don’t claim that list is ACTUALLY comprehensive on connection problems, but it is a list of things I’ve found were making a big difference back when I was having regular connectivity issues and it was driving absolutely insane. So believe, I can relate to connectivity frustration. Hopefully the firmware flashing solution will work out for you.

Let us know if you figure out something to help with your situation.

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