Wyze Cam Pan 3 loses connection

I have a slight issue that no one seems to have heard of. I got the lightbulb issue resolved that I posted about but now I’m having issues with 5 cams. They are all the Pan Cam v3. These cams keep losing connection to my new network, regardless of what I do. However, the Wyze Cam Battery Pro stays connected as well as the other cam versions. They Battery Pro does not need a base hub. So I was wondering why? This may determine what I purchase from Wyze next as far as outdoor and indoor. Any idea why the wireless cams stay connected as well as all the wired and the Pan cam v3 is the only one giving me fits. I have 10 pan cam v3s in various parts of the house, and each one is losing connection. They all worked fine until I switched network providers but AT&T claims it’s on Wyze. So I’m confuused.

Good afternoon. I think I’m in the same boat except I have trouble connecting to any of my cameras. They are all wired cameras. I’m not even getting the notifications on One camera and I paid for that service. It’s really frustrating. I have the wise cam pan V3 and the wyzecam pro and it’s ridiculous. I’m getting a notifications on One camera but not on the other and I have notifications listed or supposed to be getting them for all cameras.

I’ve tried resetting the cams, resetting the services, resetting the wifi and it’s a joke. I think my wifi is fighting with other bandwiths. It’s very irritating. Not sure how I could figure it off it’s fighting our home security system or not.

So you have 10 Wyze cameras that used to work fine. Then you switched your network provider to AT&T. Now the cameras won’t stay connected. And you think it might be a Wyze problem? Really? You might ask AT&T to explain that logic.

Sorry, I don’t think it’s a Wyze problem. I know it’s AT&T but they won’t admit to it and said to contact Wyze. So I’m doing that to show to them that it is not a Wyze issue. I’m still curious though why the Wyze Cam Battery Pro and the Wyze Cam V3 (wired) stay connected but all of the Pan Cam V3s lose connection.

You haven’t actually contacted Wyze yet. This is a user-to-user forum where users like yourself ask questions, and other users answer questions. Wyze personnel rarely visit this site. If you want to contact Wyze, you need to contact their customer service. Good luck.

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Thank you. Good to know. I’m new here. I’ll be sure to contact them then.