V3 cameras randomly disconnect, others don’t

I have five Wyze Camera. Two are Pan Cam V3. They will randomly disconnect every few days. I can only get them to connect again when I power them off and back on. This only happens to the Pan Cam, no others. Firmware is up to date and they are the two cameras closest to the WiFi router.

Is there a solution to this? Or is this common for these cameras?

Something to look at, that might be the cause. Don’t answer this question here. We don’t need to know. Its just a suggestion for you to research as it might help. What router do you use? Look it up. Get the specs. How many persistent device connections does it allow? This is important, you could have enough connections that they Wyze cam is being bumped. We do know that Wyze devices are not a priority on networks, and it might be going offline, because something bumped it.

Don’t know how many devices you have on your network, - total? Use a free utility called Fing. Pretty good. And scan your network several times, to get a complete count.

We tend to forget that as we add stuff at home, we forget every connection counts.
Might be time for a router upgrade/replacement.

Best to you.

Hi, the same thing happened to me, until I bought the cable, problem solved