V3 pan cam issues

I have two version two pan cams three version one cams and two version three pan cams. 6 months ago my version 3 pan cam started disconnecting from the internet fast forward 4 months later and I bought a second one thinking that maybe the first one was just messed up but guess what they both go offline at the same time whenever they do go. Only the version 3s are doing this everything else is working flawlessly. It’s been 6 months since my first complaint and still nothing down the board on what the hell is going on with these cams The other day I was talking with my wife and she did something that caused me concern and I lost phone connection so I went to go check the cam and guess what It was offline so I had to wait for it to reboot cuz I have it on an Amazon plug before I can find out what the hell was going on and due to this I am going to replace my wyze cams with something else since they can’t be bothered to fix an issue such as this that’s been ongoing for months. I have uninstalled reinstalled the app reset the cams completely from the beginning and they both do the same exact thing at the same exact time with no indications of anything wrong on any of the other cams they’re working perfectly. But I can no longer support a company that allows such an erroneous bug to persist after all these months with no explanation or public relay of what’s going on with them