Upgrading Cam Pan v1 cams to the latest fw resulted in cameras offline

I have 5 pan cam V1 cameras in 3 different geo locations. On Tuesday evening I made the mistake of upgrading all the cameras to the latest fw in one shot. Ever since, all 5 cameras are offline. I have done a factory reset countless times, rebooted my router over and over, and sent in a log. I have called Support at least 3-4 times and all I get is the suggestion to reboot my camera. Can anyone actually help?

My general troubleshooting is:


If it’s still not working, then do a Factory reset and then go through setup all over again (act like you are setting up a new camera and reinstall it)

If it’s still not working, then I would try a firmware flash:

Maybe go back to a slightly earlier version to start with.

I have already done a factory reset more than once.
I don’t have a micro SDcard in my device.

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I feel ur pain,
I have a PC v3 and the same thing happened to it.

This kinda thing happens a day earlier for me (no idea why).

So, I restarted mine and it’s gone offline too.
Funny thing the last 3 days. It’s offline, then mysteriously back, but not working.

I get a Frozen facing, straight ahead or to the side cam. If I try anything, it goes back offline.

The troubleshooting is a pain, with only temporary results (3-5 mins). Before it’s offline again.

Major app updates affect my cams, a day early.
I’m going to check & see, if the auto update feature is available on all cams and can it be disabled.

It’s one thing to know, it’s a system problem.
It’s another thing to think one day earlier, that it’s just a “Me & Mine” issue.

This PC 3v is outside and mounted out of reach. Snow & Ice make for good reasons to wait for our annual Jan Thaw ( a few days away).

I sent in a log.
This Cam has been up and running since June(?). Occasional flaws (pan drift) & all.

The more I read on here, the more I see, my issues are not uncommon ( PC V3 Pan drift & others).

No fun, no fun at all !

These cams give me peace mind & delivery notices. Along with wildlife antics & disturbing animal visitors, too (loose lost large dogs).

Good luck to U !
Hope this problem gets resolved soon.

For v1,v2 cams…updating firmware is a end of device.
My opinion.