WYZE V1 Cams dropped offline, Can't reconect

I have a few WYZE Cam V1 that recently dropped offline, they show and IP address on my router. Yet I can’t reconnect online. The process to re-add camera again via WYZE App fails / times out. Researching the router shows the MAC & IP address.
does EOL for Wyze V1 mean offline?

There is a much longer thread on this:

Just read this article on wyze cams but specifically V1 models. Not sure if it relates to your issue or not, but definitely worth reading.:flushed:

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Heeeerre we go again…

it seems like the most accurate explanation of what happened. Although badly executed. They found the quickest (and most customer non centric) way to disable v1 cams. Ideally they should have disabled it and issued an official statement saying that due to the security flaw that cannot be fixed in v1, they are disabling it and say issuing coupon codes for customers wanting to upgrade to v2 or v3.

I believe Wyze does not sell V2 any more. You may get left over stocks in Home Depots etc.

V2 is next in line to be disabled??