Dissatisfied with current Wyze sense v2 offer

Not much an issue for the community but a complaint.

Received an email notifying that the wyze sense v2 was available for purchase. I was going to upgrade because of known problems that I have had with the sense v1.

Selected the link and found that the purchase is for the sense v2 the monitoring subscription and items I do not want. I do not want the monitoring subscription and do not need the keypad or to a lesser degree the motion sensors.

There is no option to purchase just the base station and door sensors. There is no starter kit similar to the one offered for v1. Seeing as how v1 was faulty out of the box, I think there should be a comparable offer at a reduced price to compensate. I’d be happy to send back the v1 starter kit for this kind of offer.

Not asking for a freebie, just that Wyze make good and offer a suitable replacement for a faulty out of box product.

Is this not reasonable?


Suggestion. Before you buy the starter kit, you could use your thread to ask for someone to buy the items you do not need. ??

100 percent agree. I am in the same boat, was going to buy, but not now.

I know it has been posted several times…eventually they’ll be available for purchase separately from the HMS subscription. Not much help for now, though.

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