Wyze Sense - Door Breaks - No longer available?

I no longer see the Wyze Sense (Door Break Sensors) available on the website. Are those still being sold separate from the whole home security system? I was hoping to get a couple to test out before buying the whole security system. Thanks!

The new V2 sensors require the HMS hub in order to work. The starter kit (hub, 1 motion sensor, 2 contact sensors) is about the only way to get a working system. However, right now, you can only get them as a pre-order with the HMS.


The v1 Sense line of sensors is being fazed out and replaced by the v2 Sense line of hardware. The v2 Sense line was announced along side the announcement of HMS. So far the v2 is only sold with the HMS service, but should be eventually sold seperately.

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Thank you both @WildBill and @Omgitstony, this is exactly what I needed. It’s definitely a bummer that they aren’t available separately any longer but I understand. Do either of you know if there’s an expected release date for the home system? I was planning to get it anyhow but was just hoping to try out some of the component parts in advance.

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There has not been any announcements regarding the date of when the new V2 sensors will be made available for sale separately.

At the current time, the only option for door/window sensing or motion sensing is to have the new HMS hub as it can control both the new V2 sensors and the older generation Sense sensors. Unless you already own the first generation Sense sensors, you will need to purchase the HMS starter kit in order to utilize the Wyze hub for automation control with sensors… Or you can search on places like EBAY / Home Depot which may still have the first gen Wyze sensors available for sale.

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