Home security system on Amazon Canada

I just saw this posted on Amazon Canada. Is home monitoring service now supported in Canada?

Wyze Home Security Core Kit: Hub, Keypad, Motion Sensor, Entry Sensors (x2); Compatible w/Wyze Cam, Leak & Climate Sensors; 3 Mo. of 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service Incl, Subscription Required https://a.co/d/7CtCgKj

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I would check to make sure the Professional monitoring works in Canada. Just an FYI.

Great Price though.

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agreed on price. and I checked further, monitoring not in Canada currently.


Someone at Wyze recently said that the services website doesn’t work in Canada. Not sure why, maybe something with payment? Who knows.

I just purchased a wyze security system and live in canada.

The emergency response service doesn’t work. It’s looking for a US address, so i put a fake address in and keep it in test mode. I’m happy with the local alarm going off and receiving notification on my phone.

I was hoping I could disable this subscription and use it as a stand alone system in test mode, but I’ve read that once I do that i’ll loose the monitoring services.


I don’t have the system but I think you need the subscription to get notified when the alarm goes off. @spamoni4 or @carverofchoice can you confirm?

Hope you didn’t put a real address in there or someone’s getting the police to their house by mistake if your alarm goes off :rofl:


WIthout the subscription you will not be able to utilize some items like the Key Pad. You will notbe able to do the standard Arm and disarm as this requires the subscription.

Basically the device will become a basic Hub which will alert you when a door or window is opened or closed, and when motion has been detected. In addition, you will be able to use the Climate and Leak Sensors.

If you want to use the Alarm and Ke Pad, you will need to keep the Subscription, but leave it in Test Mode, which alot of us do. :slight_smile:

@R.good, you have a few Sense hubs without subscriptions. Am I missing anything here?


LoL - yeah, I put my canadian address in with a WA state and zip 12345… so It should be safe :slight_smile: I just have to be extra careful to not exit test mode.

I’d totally pay for a subscription for the security features (access notification for security events and keypad to put it in home/away), but it’s too bad it’s coupled to the emergency response services. If a large part of the subscription fees go to noonlight, that seems like a waste for my use case.

I totally get from a product management perspective you’d want to keep the product as simple as possible without too many confusing subscription options.

But I’m curious if ya’ll have metrics on the percentage of users that keep it in test mode like me? i’m wondering if i’m the outlier. My phone doesn’t leave my sight so i’m a walking monitoring system. if I received a notification while i’m not home, i’d review and then make the judgement call to call the cops.


I am a community Volunteer who helps when I can.

The stats would be interesting as you stated, how many actually leave the devices in Test Mode to get the Alarms working. @carverofchoice , do you happen to know or have a method to find out.

I also agree, that you will need to be careful to not come out of test mode.


Wyze has not released any info on HMS stats related to any of that. But I also generally keep mine in Test mode. :slight_smile: As an added help, you can configure the license and dispatch instructions…I put in mine something like “Never dispatch due to non-response, only if I clearly respond that I need help.” I don’t know if that makes a difference or not, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.


Nothing Missed. :+1:


I was doing that for about a year and then decided that paying an annual fee for something and leaving it in test mode forever made no sense. I’m retired and home most of the time so I don’t really need a security system. I’ve since cancelled my subscription. I do like using the sensors for doors and motion, though.


Thanks. I added a note in the dispatch instruction to say it’s a fake address and not dispatch… just in case it accidentally leaves test mode.

Thanks. this thread has been very helpful and informative for me.


@WildBill - I suspect i’ll end up doing the same as you. Right now i’m in the honeymoon phase and I like have access to the monitoring features, but paying for the emergency response service seems like a waste.


Made the same mistake as me! According to someone in one of these posts somewhere, we shouldn’t be expecting that they’ll work as security cameras. Huhn? :thinking: In all the articles I read about wyze from the very beginning, why did wyze NEVER correct anybody who wrote that they are a good security camera?

I would expect that any camera needing wifi and perhaps needing internet are not as good as hardwired local storage non-internet cams for security cameras. and those monitored by security companies.

My much more expensive Nestcams are definitely not security cameras.
They miss 100s of events and randomly drop without warning for at least 10 minutes before possibley a warning of interruption.
As well, I am not paying $500 or more for a monitoring company.

The Nestcams and Wyzecams are adequate for us at an appropriate price point for us.