Home Monitoring not working for Canadians?

So it’s been a number of weeks now since the issue of Canadians not being able to enter a Canadian address into the setup at step 3 of the Home Monitoring. I have had multiple support call tickets created. Sent multiple logs. Check for updates many time daily and still nothing. The support operators seem to give me the run around. This is highly disappointing to a customer that has adopted Wyze tech long before it arrived in Canada. Could someone with direct knowledge of what’s happening at Wyze with regards to this issue please post something here or follow up on tickets. I know I’m not the only Canadian with this issue. The frustration is high and the customer service is low. Thanks in advance for anything that someone could offer.

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I’m with you here. It does not recongnize my address either. Have 4 cams, doorbell, band, plugs, and sprinkler. Should be able to enter address manually, because I think we know what our address is. My address comes up on google maps so it should come up on Wyze.