Like to buy what I want

I went online to take advantage of free shipping. Tried to buy the spotlight cam, scale, outdoor outlet, then I try to add a hub so I can simply get the climate monitors. You make my do the monthly trial for home monitoring. Fine, I sign up for that and willing to pay the $30 for the sense hub and $25 for three sensors. $50 for 3 temperature and humidity sensors. But then it takes me to a different website and I can’t combine the orders. So now I’m not buying anything. Wyze can be so frustrating.

More detail. please. Where do you have to pay for Home Monitoring to get the Hub? Thought that was over. And what is the different website? Maybe the users here can come up with a better way to do what you want.

when you order the year of monitoring, which comes with a free hub, it takes you outside of the normal cart. You can certain sensors to that order, but you will proceed straight to c checkout without any of the special pricing or shipping for those attachments.

It took a while to figure this out.

So order the monitoring with free hub, and then do a separate order for the things you want, and get free shipping on them.

Or, use the app, and get them with reduced shipping if you don’t hit $125

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The Sense v2 hub is available standalone, with no monitoring, on the app only currently.

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On the year of home monitoring, that license is optional now. You can now buy a Hub without it, but there are 2 catches: The Wyze Sense V2 Starter Kit is only available in the app’s store, and it is a starter kit, not just a Hub…

Yep their stores frustrate me too, lol.

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This is kind of my point. What I want: Wyze Sense Hub and Climate sensors, or basically climate sensors I only want the hub because you need it for the sensors to work. To get simply that I have to but a keypad, 2 entry sensors, and a motion sensor. So I can spend $113.97, including shipping, for stuff I don’t want and three of the sensors I actually want. I gave it a thought just to get the sensors, but I’m not going to. I’m holding off on my other purchases too. It’s not that I wouldn’t spend money, I wanted the floodlight cam, the outdoor plug, the new scale, and a vacuum maintenance kit. Now, I’m just getting the maintenance kit. Makes me wonder if I really want to be tied to a single provider, for anything. And this isn’t a knock on Wyze, they just aren’t that different than anyone else.