Wyze Sense Hub

I’ve been looking into the Water Detection sensors and it states that the Wyze Sense Hub is required. When I search for the Wyze Sense Hub, Google Nest Hub shows up as the only option. And I can’t find the Wyze Sense Hub sold separately, only as the $99 security starter kit. So… 1.) Is the Google Nest Hub acting like a Wyze Sense Hub (since it shows up when I try to search the Wyze hub)? 2.) If I can purchase the Wyze Sense Hub separately, where would I find that? 3.) Do I need to use the subscription service with the Wyze Sense Hub? I really only want to use it for the water/leak sensors. Is there another use for the Wyze Sense Hub, other than for the security system?


No, but as of Right now, this is the only way to get the Wyze Sense Hub. with the Home Monitoring Services.

There was a short period of time where the Wyze Sense Hub was sold without the Home Monitoring System, but no longer available.

You can get the starter kit and leave the monitoring in test mode, once the year expires you do not have to renew and the Hub will still continue to function.

The Wyze Sense Hub will also working with the Wyze Contact Sensors and Motion Sensors.


No…the Wyze hub is the only way to use the new sensors.

You can buy the hub, but it comes with a subscription (30 days, I think) for the Home Monitoring Service, but you don’t need to actually use the service.

The hub is necessary to use ANY of the new sensors (door, motion, leak, etc.) They will all work to send alerts or automate lights, etc. without the Home Monitoring system.


The Hub can be bought alone ($30), but they automatically add the security subscription. Not a game ender, tho. Go with the 1 month subscription, then cancel the subscription.

You do not need the license to monitor sensors yourself. You need that only for professionally-monitored security. Without that license the sensors just act like the old V1 Sense System, but with battery backup on the Hub. :slight_smile: