Sensor Notifications?

I’ve tried to find the answers to these questions on the product’s webpage but have found the info listed there to be minimal at best. Hopefully someone here might have the answers. I am looking at purchasing a hub, some door sensors, and some leak detection sensors but need to know:

  1. Do you need a monthly subscription for the door sensors to notify you? I see that the FAQ on the leak detector says that you don’t. That it will notify you through the app. But I don’t see anything about the door sensors doing the same?

  2. I saw mention somewhere that the Wyze Sense Hub can only send alerts (without subscription) to the Wyze app on IOS phones. Is that true? I use an Android phone.

  3. Can the Wyze Sense Hub (without subscription) send email notifications? Or can it only send alerts to the Wyze app?


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You don’t need a monthly subscription but without one you are somewhat limited. Door and motion sensors will send alerts via the app (iOS and android.) No email with or without a subscription without something like IFTTT.


Perfect! Thanks!


As has already been answered, no subscription needed for Push Notifications from Contact Sensors, Motion Sensors, Climate Sensors, or Leak Sensors. Those are all settings within the individual device, not the Hub. Here are the options:

Leak Sensors:

Contact Sensors:

Motion Sensors:

Climate Sensors:

Never read that. I have Android and it works on mine. But I have never been without a subscription.

Nope. But you can use a 3rd party Android App like MacroDroid to do that… or send an SMS Text or push a Webhook.


Good stuff. Thanks!