Enable purchase and use of leak sensor and hub without rest of home monitoring equipment

I use Wyze cameras linked to my phone. I’d like to be able to use leak detectors in the same way so that I am notified on my phone if there is a leak. At this time, I cannot buy leak sensors without purchase of the home monitoring kit.

Actually you can. Use the App on your device and tap on the Shop menu. Then go to All, and you will see the Wyze Sense Hub Starter Kit no subscription needed. Then add the Leak sensors. Here is a picture.

This doesn’t seem to be true any more, or am I missing something?

I believe it is still true, just not available. We were looking for it the other day and the page came up and then was redirected back to the main page.

you could reach out the Wyze and see if it is still available

If you are interested, ebay has many new, unopened HMS starter kits for around $45-50(US). No warranty but if they are listed as new should be fine.

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So these don’t require setting up a monitoring subscription?

As far as I know, you can just add the hub and sensors via the add device menu, without any HMS subscription. I tried that when I first got the kit. You just lose certain functionality that only works under HMS.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about the starter kit which includes the hub, contact and motion sensors and keypad. You need the hub for any of the sensors, but they will work without a subscription.

I just spoke to a wyze support person in depth. Unfortunately, you can’t get the HMS without a subscription at the moment. And you also can’t get a single hub just to have sensors or any other devices.

I was going to ask the same question - so to confirm, you have to buy the monthly security monitoring service in order for the sense hub and leak sensor to work. I think wyze is losing business on this. I was ready to by the hub and leak sensor just for leak monitoring . . . Won’t do it if I also have to pay $10 a month forever.