A few questions re: Sense Hub, Sub, etc

I am considering purchasing some Leak Sensors. Right now I pay for a Wyze Home Monitoring sub but I may cut that off. It went from 4.99 to 9.99 monthly and I frankly live in a really good neighborhood, snuggled between 2 police officers’ homes. My question is this if I stop my sub, will the Sense Hub still function to service the door sensors, motion sensors, and leak sensors? Common Sense says yes, but you never know!

Also, do the leak sensors work with Alexa? I read that they did not in the past but I don’t know about recently.

Right now I’m using Smartthings but like most people, I’d rather deal with fewer apps. I’m split between Smartthings, Smartlife, Eufy and Wyze right now.


The answer to this is yes, the sensors continue to work with alerting and automation without the HMS subscription. I use mine that way since I decided to cancel HMS. I know the door and motion sensors work with Alexa and IFTTT. Not sure about the leak sensors since I don’t have any.

The only thing that recently stopped working was the “tune” sound for the door sensors opening. I think it has to do with my lapsed subscription, but haven’t gotten any response from Wyze yet.

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If you were subscribing at $4.99, it should have locked you into that price unless you terminate and then resubscribe. Renewal of the license should have respected the locked in price. Did it change the price on your license mid-stream or on a renewal?

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The Leak Sensors and Climate Sensors are not Alexa Compatible. They will not show as installed devices within Alexa like your Contact and Motion Sensors will. Therefore, they cannot be used as Alexa Routine Triggers.

I have my Leak Sensors and Climate Sensors activate a dedicated Wyze Plug, which can be used as the trigger for an Alexa Routine.

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