Climate and leak sensor problems

Been using cameras for a couple of years without serious problems except bricking after firmware updates…Installed sense hub and array of sensors last year for home monitoring.

Current problems: None of the three temp sensors work nor will reconnect to the hub, bought three new sensors, won’t connect either. In the app, they show all is fine, but the temps never move. Door sensors not showing open doors in the app when the hub “bongs” and door is wide open.

Sump pump sensor must detect moisture in the air because it’s bone dry but alerting.

Beginning to lose my trust in Wyze products as we rely on these devices but are having constant issues now.

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What all troubleshooting steps besides trying to add new sensors have you tried so far? Asking so I don’t suggest something you may have already done.

Hello and thanks for checking.

I found the FAQ about sensors not connecting and did the router and sense hub reboot, which fixed nothing. I’m at a loss as to why new sensors won’t connect. I can see the original sensors going bad but they’ve only been in use about a year.

Also, the door sensors not showing open in the app is worrisome also.

One last ditch effort could be to factory reset the hub, however this would cause all of your sensors to require setup again. Depending on how many you have, it could be a chore.

@Mavens have you seen any other remedies for the hub issues that have been cropping up?

In trying of to think of things, I’m trying to remember what frequency the sensors contact the hub with. But I’m drawing up a negative and I don’t remember. @carverofchoice might you happen to remember that information? I’m ordering if there isn’t some type of interference or possibly something around the hub acting as a Faraday cage for some reason.

I’m thinking of Wi-Fi strength and sensor on your phone or a Wi-Fi analyzer to check for channels might be your best bet right at the moment but yes I would agree that something is definitely wrong with his picture considering everything is failing

915 MHz RF

I would think that would exclude the majority of common signal interference cases (most WiFi and Bluetooth interference). This falls under the ISM bands which are typically for industrial and scientific purposes, including medical. There could be other RF devices causing interference or it could still get interference from reflection or re-radiation of power signals. Putting RFID devices on metal surfaces or containers of liquids has been known in the past to cause some kind of weird interference for RF signals.

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After doing a couple of resets on the hub, it completed the firmware update and started working properly again. Climate, door, and motion sensors are now all reporting properly.

Thanks to all who responded.

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