New Wyze hub software ( turns hub into a brick

Ok funny story. I’ve managed to return the defective unit (which turned into a brick after 3weeks of use) to Amazon (I bought the bundle through Amazon). Ive also bought a replacement through Amazon. It arrived in literally 4h instead of two weeks which Wyze offered.

I’ve unpacked connected and spent 2h connecting all 45-50 sensors. Worked like a charm. I was hesitant to upgrade hub software because it felt dangerous…

I’ve connected everything. Worked fine. Then I noticed I must upgrade software to use climate sensors. I thought that since I already connected all the sensors I’m safe so I upgraded.

And guess what. It’s bricked again. Same symptoms, doesn’t connect, cracking sounds, doesn’t refresh sensors. It went bad directly after upgrade (it never worked correctly after upgrade, even for a minute).

The upgraded version is Not so sure what’s special about my system but this version seems to be corrupted!

Well, another Amazon return and another wasted plastic. I will get new one and just wait for new soft version without climate sensors…

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Sorry to hear you are having an issues.

I am running that version on a new Hub and it is working fine. Have you sent a log to Wyze for review and opened a ticket?

Are you using HMS services?

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Yes, sending log is useless because they get thousands of them and you cannot really reach anyone with exception for Filipino located customer support who are nice but cannot help with technical issues. I asked someone from engineering team to call me back. Never happened.

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And yes, I am using HMS services however word “using “ is an exaggeration as my hub is a brick most of the time. :frowning:

This is a community forum, so posting the Ticket Number and Logs here with information of what you are experiencing helps as well. I will see if I can get someone’s eyes on this thread to see what is going on.

If you can get a Log and Ticket, it would help with getting someone involved.

I have had HMS for sometime now and it is still in Test Mode.

I’ve opened ticket and will keep the defective device for some time to help with investigation (I’m a software engineer myself). Happy to help with reproduction. Wyze Ticket 2115348. I’ve attached 2 logs from the 1st device (which went back through Amazon) and 2 logs from 2nd device (which I still have but will return through Amazon soon if I don’t hear from engineering team. I’ve spend 3-4h with first line support.

I did order the hub 3rd time as I cannot just wait for Wyze to resolve this issue. My system (for which I already paid$1.5k, including cameras) is not working and I am traveling. I do hope it won’t turn 3rd hub into a brick. Amazon will deliver it today (few hours after the order… not 2 weeks).

Thank you for your help spamoni4

It might be that it’s not working with that many sensors? I have 44 and the first one started to go mad after I crossed 38ish sensor. For the few next it was struggling but went back to normal after some time. Then around 41 it died.

The new one I’ve first added all 44 sensors and then upgraded which broke the device right away.

Basically, my experience. Normally I have twenty-nine sensors. One failed and I was unable to replace it with a new one. I had spares. Waited for two months for a firmware update. Contact support, they sent a new HUB. I foolishly let it update. Now I can add only seventeen devices. The HUB and system still work but cannot add all my sensors. I decided to add the most important sensors and wait, not that I had another choice. A sensor count issue should be easy to resolve. I will say this again, it is time for two apps, separate security, and cameras from home goods.

I had a Wyze Sensor 'go Bad" last year, I called tech support and after minimal troubleshooting, they sent a replacement, and told me to recycle the old one.

I installed the new Wyze Sensor Hub, added my Motion Sensors (qty 5) and Entry Sensors (qty 6) back to the replacement Sensor, and for the most part all is well.

Later, after reading about others wanting to do a Motion Sensor in a Metal Mailbox to alert them that the mailbox had been opened, I too wasn’t getting a strong enough signal to my one Wyze Sensor Hub that was too far away from the mailbox to get a usable signal through the metal mailbox.

I had not recycled that ‘defective’ Wyze Sensor Hub yet.

I put that 2nd Wyze Sensor Hub back online, set it up in the corner of the Garage closest to the mailbox on the street (which happens to be about ten feet away) and I now was able to connect to the Wyze Motion Sensor v2 that is velcro’d to the back of the metal mailbox.

I said all that to say, have you considered splitting your sensors between the two Wyze Sensor Hubs to see if that might be a solution, rather than continue to fight the issue you are experiencing?


I’ve just got a 3rd hub from Amazon. I’ve added fewer sensors, only 2 leak, no climate. Just entry+keyboard+motion (and not all of them). With the old software everything works fine. Everything is perfect. Leak doesn’t work with old hub software which I kinda understand (apparently it’s a new one).

What I don’t understand however is why Wyze is FORCING ME to upgrade to broken software in order to get monitoring working. For THREE MONTHS they have this issue and they know that works fine. Why I am forced to upgrade to broken version?

This is on the verge of a class lawsuit. They basically sold me a product 1month ago which they knew is not working (partially or in some cases at all) for 3 months now. If not resolved in the next days I will ask for money back (for ALL equipment - I don’t want Wyze cameras and security system of another company). If they won’t comply I am going to my Bank (credit card, they will sort it out).

I am not even annoyed it is broken (stuff happens, I am in software myself so I can understand how it works) but not having a rollback and FORCING new devices to upgrade to a broken software is so unprofessional it takes my breath away.

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Can they both be monitored by the same Home Monitoring Service?

I’ve tried to add sensors few times already and it breaks in kinda random moments. Sometimes already after 10 sensors it’s dead.

I’ve paid $1.5k total for all the cameras/sensors/bells etc so honestly I would expect them to work with HMS and with one hub. I understand your workaround but it’s still a workaround :confused:

I don’t have the HMS (Don’t trust Wyze to provide this type of service, and have no need for it, prefer self monitoring)

I’ve read here on the forums that HMS will only work with One Wyze Sensor Hub

(I think you can add other sensors to the 2nd Wyze Sensor Hub, but they will not be usable by the HMS system)

Hopefully someone can verify this info for you.


It works with entry + motion. I cannot add all of those to one hub (even if I forget about leak and climate).

I am on Wyze Beta program and my Sense Hub in on v4.32.9.249 (Plugin version and it’s working fine. What the limit on the number of sensors per hub??

Limit is advertised as 100 total Hub-connected devices. I think I’m at 43.

In theory it’s 100 sensors. After 7 or 8 attempts I’ve managed to add around 20 most important ones which means that I have around 25 which I won’t be able to use until they fix it.

I am also on beta app and same firmware. Ive tried with my wife’a phone (so non beta app) and had the same issue. The new app plus old firmware on the other hand works without any issues. They do however force me to upgrade to new firmware to use HMS which immediately bricks the hub, tried it twice with brand new hubs.

The reason why it’s working for you is that you either have not too many sensors or you simply got lucky. Seems that with each new sensor addition probability of the issue increases but there might be still chance of success.

I managed to get seventeen including the two keypads, three motions, one water sensor, eleven contacts.
I am on Wyze Beta program, also. My Sense Hub is on v4.32.9.249 (Plugin version, this is the replacement HUB sent me.

I usually manage to get to 15-25, I’ve got to 35-40 once and it broke just before I finished adding all of my sensors which is around 45-46 I think.

Clearly it’s random but more you get it’s more probable it will break. There are lucky people with 40+ it seems.

I am not saying it’s ALWAYS crashing, for everyone as clearly it’s not but I’ve gone through three hubs already (thank you Amazon - love you). I am not ordering 4th as clearly I will be forced to update to the problematic version so I don’t expect different results.

In my case, I only have 2 contact sensors and 1 motion sensor. I believe that might explain why I am not affected. With all that number of sensors, they should take you seriously!

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