Unreliable system

Since your system is so unstable and unreliable, can I sue you when I get broke into? System says it’s operational all sensors are seen, but none trigger. Very disappointed in wyze. Started out so well and now just cheap junk.

Did you add your sensors to your “On Duty” list in the Home Monitoring Settings>Home and Away?

You have to manually tell the HMS which sensors are allowed to trigger an alarm when in both Home mode and in Away mode (2 lists).

I added one motion sensor. And now no sensor responds even though they say they’re all online. I deleted the motion sensor and still have the same problem.

Need a bit more info…

You added this motion sensor as a device in the app or added it using the “add sensor” in the Home & Away setup?

They don’t respond (chime on hub) when opened\closed or do not trigger an alarm?

Did you recently update the Firmware?

No to the firmware.
The alarm seems to work, but no notifications or chimes.

Recommend NOT updating the Firmware. They are working on an update now to fix past issues.

So sensors are correct in Home and Away on duty lists and triggering alarms.

If you want a push notification every time a sensor opens or closes or a motion sensor triggers, the notifications have to be set in each individual sensor’s settings. These are NOT tied to the Home and Away modes. They are either on or off regardless of the armed state.

For push notifications when an alarm triggers, be sure that you have push notifications enabled in the Home & Away settings> “Alarm Response” setting:

To hear a tune (chime) from the hub every time a contact sensor opens, add those sensors to the tune list in Home Monitoring Settings>Tune Settings. These are either on or off.

They are all on. Everything worked fine, until I added the motion sensor.

How many sensors are installed. One of the bugs is that there is an upper limit on the number of sensors allowed. Add one too many and things go haywire. That is one of the fixes they are working on.