Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Beta Test 6/29/2022



  • Fixed a Wyze Sense Hub bug that caused sensor pairing and connection failures

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I hate to type this, but I’m going to wait for a few users to report successful firmware installation before attempting to load. :worried:


I will do it. :rofl:




Just did the update. Quick and painless so far seems to be working. Will test other options.


Just wondering… is your Hub connected via Ethernet or WiFi?


Connected via Ethernet.


Basic testing seems to be functioning as expected. The Tunes are working still, Not experiencing any of the issues I had before. However, I returned my problematic hub and obtained a replacement.

Will try to add a device a bit later.


Updated just fine, not noticing any issues so far.


I requested the firmware update and it shows as updated but under the firmware status unknown area. The hub has been searching for over 10 minutes with the rotating lights. I had 17 sensors connected of the 36 that I have. Perhaps a reset will be required.

Update: The hub would not reconnect to the internet after the firmware update. I had to reset the hub, delete the hub from the app and re-add the hub and all of the devices. But they all connected without an issue. I even had a timeout on a climate sensor add without a subsequent problem. It seems the issue has been resolved.

Hopefully this is the last time I will have to add these devices.

Good job to the developer/team for getting this resolved.

For those of you still running during a wait and see update pause, to .264, I finally built a work-around that connected 10 cams, 2 plugs, and 34 devices. I connected/installed two sensor hubs via either Ethernet to my iPhone app. Connected no more than 25 devices to the first hub and remaining devices to second hub (more than 25 per hub caused multiple failures). All devices are working and system stays on line. I have 400Mbps service via AX6600 mesh internet.

I have 43 sensors connected to one Hub running It’s been running flawlessly, but it was painful resetting everything after a Hub reset to get loaded. I think I’ll try loading tomorrow or Friday and if successful, add another 8 sensors to push it past 50. After all, what’s the point of beta testing? :wink:


Anyone have information on

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Looks like:

  • Network reliability and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

So not very specific. :neutral_face:


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Please forgive that stupid question. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I looked at the screen and read that as the new update due to being somewhat foggy at the moment from some meds I’m taking for arthritis.


Hey, one could believe you asked it just because their entry was SO unspecific, lol. :wink:


Where do you get the beta firmware?

I signed up to be a Beta tester and it appeared in the Device Info section for the Sensor Hub.

Day two with 264. The Good, all sensors added.

The Bad:

  1. Using the APP, current beta, to change status, the circling arrows do not stop, check never appears. Touching and releasing clears the circle. If you do not release the screen, you can slide the screen to check on duty devices. Memory leak?
  2. HMS always reports that my listed security cameras are offline, they are not.

I will again say Wyze Security should have a separate APP. HMS, lights, and camera controls, only. Scales, vacuums, and sprinklers should be in separate APP. Unless we can turn the sprinklers on intruders. :slight_smile: