Wyze Bridge assistance

Will this fix my older wyze bridge?

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No, but older Bridges should still work if they are still functional. I had 2 Bridges die on me, but a third was still working last I tried. I use the Hub now, so that Bridge is currently in a box.


Ok. Mine is probably going bad. Would you sell me the good one you have ? Would need to ship to New York State.

Unfortunately I use it for testing when someone says they don’t work anymore. I also keep it as a backup to my Hub, should that fail.

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Any suggestions where I might find one?

I took a quick glance at eBay and Amazon, but I didn’t notice anything worth buying (what I found was bundled with other things).

You could just update to the Hub. It will work with V1 sensors, so you just need the Hub. Unfortunately they are still bundling a security subscription with it, but I suppose you can switch to the monthly plan then cancel it:


Good advice. As long as the original contact and motion sensors will work then it is the way to go. Thanks

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That’s a rather big if. As several posts mention they have a critical flaw and will brick if the battery gets too low. They work well with the hub but they may not last much longer.

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