Waze Sense Bridge V1, contact sensors and motion sensors

Had my equipment packed in a box for several months after moving to a new address. Now I’m trying to install everything again, but the Wyze app is showing old status for the sensors and won’t don’t show any changes (i.e, motion or open/closed). Tried updating firmware of all devices, but no improvement. Tried uninstalling sensor but after pressing the reset button until the light flashes on the sensor, the bridge just keeps repeating “ready to connect” until it times out. I also tried deleting and reinstalling a camera and then the bridge, but no luck. I have two cameras with bridge (a Cam V2 and an original Pan Cam), and they are both having the same problem.

The only thing I haven’t tried is the button on the bridge, because I don’t know what it’s intended for and how to use it.

Any suggestions?

Dear Wyze Support,

I had understood that you monitor and reply to posts in these forums. If so, I am looking forward to your reply.

No, they don’t. Only volunteer moderators here for the most part.

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This forum is primarily a user-to-user community and not a substitute for Wyze Customer Support. Wyze employees do not actively monitor this forum. If you wish to speak to a Wyze employee/representative, please contact them directly at:

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