Wyze Sense Hub & Cam v3 Firmware Beta Test 4/18/2022



What’s New:

  • Improved wired network connectivity

  • Improved chime audio reliability and volume

  • Bug fixes



What’s New:

  • Fixed an image bug

  • Fixed a redundant error message

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Installed all FW updates. No issues with the install. Will now need to test, specifically HMS. Initial test of HMS: Still cannot change the tunes settings


Sense Hub and 5 V3 Cams updated without any problems. No issues noticed so far but I see Spamoni4 has a tune settings issue and when I have free time I’ll see if I notice this as well.

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please check it. I am trying to determine if it has to do with the one bad FW loaded in the past that persists today. I did purchase a second hub which I may try. Will wait for your feedback.

Fully-functional HMS with ethernet-connected Hub running beta updated to beta App indicated successful Hub firmware update. All three Hub lights on solid (normal). Tested keypad and a few Entry and Motion sensors, no go. Over the next 5 minutes, all hub-connected peripherals marked off-line in app. Hub lights cycling left to right, then Hub reboots, all lights solid with crackling static from speaker, lights start cycling left to right, repeat, etc. This is the same behavior observed after previous 3 firmware version updates were attempted.

Log ID: 548080 Submitted, but app immediately crashed and did not display the “Got it!” page with log ID. Log ID 548080 retrieved from Wyze app Home > Account > Wyze Support > Log History.

Log ID: 548085 Successful resubmission. App has been changed to allow only 4 attachments. :pensive:

Also note that during this HMS Hub error state, log cannot be submitted from “Report an issue” link in Monitoring tab, as there is no Hub connectivity:

After submitting these logs, I disconnected the ethernet cable, reconnected the cable and hit the reset button. “Ready to Connect” was announced (VERY loudly! Yea! :smiley:). I simply re-added the Hub and everything appears “normal”. But… nothing works, including inability to reset or add peripherals (sensors, keypads, etc.). All Hub peripherals are still disconnected and there is no working HMS functionality.

I know how to fix this apparent Hub “brick”… master reset. I’ll leave my HMS in this current state until this evening in case any other logs are requested.


I can validate the exact same experience for me.
Well documented sir.

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After the last beta firmware update and master reset, I cut half of my peripherals out anticipating another reset. So once I get the Hub working again, I only have to reset 2 keypads, 2 motion sensors, 7 contact sensors, 12 climate sensors and 9 leak sensors. :smiley: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :roll_eyes:

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I had the same thing happen. I ended up completely deleting the hub from my Wyze setup. Then completely reinstalled and setup each sensor. Then it finally worked.

Can’t believe how janky this POS hardware is… constantly showing sensors offline / incorrect state (contact sensor open when it’s closed). Can’t add new sensors. I’m extremely disappointed in how crappy this device is and how long wyze is taking to resolve such problems.

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How did this release get out of beta? I’m experiencing these exact issues on the public release of and was told it’s a hardware issue. Seems to me like it’s this firmware release. Any beta testers able to permanently fix the offline issue?

I am running on my Hub and am having no issues with it. However, this is a replacement hub. I returned my problem Hub for them to review. It seemed to have issues after installing a problem FW update. Then after that, no other FW updates corrected it. Replacing the HW and allowing it to install the update yielded a fully functional hub for me.


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