Wyze Sense Hub firmware - Released 6/22/2023

Wyze Sense Hub firmware is going out later (so don’t worry if you don’t see it immediately) with connectivity, stability, and time sync improvements! :alarm_clock:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


I presume this is one of them “no news is good news” type deals?

I have have been running the firmware since Beta and have experienced no adverse affects.

There have been reports here in the forum of V2 sensors failing to send Push Notifications, however I suspect this is a server side account specific issue as I have tested all V2 Motion and Contact sensors and get push notifications from each.


It seems to work fairly well for me.

I did see a report of struggles reconnecting the hub to Internet when internet is lost and then later restored, though I haven’t noticed this.

Not specific to this firmware, but the last couple of firmware updates have stopped allowing some people (like me) from pairing V1 sensors onto the hub, or not reconnect v1’s when a battery is replaced, but V1 sensors are considered deprecated so there are no plans to do anything about that one and it doesn’t affect many people.


Thanks for passing this on. Have a few v1 sensors which stopped working due to the heat causing battery failures and couldn’t get them reconnected after the battery replacement. Guess now is the time to replace the v1’s.