Alarm not triggering

I have the Wyze sense hub and both entry sensors chime and send notifications and are connected with HMS but nothing triggers my alarm. I paid for a year of HMS and can’t utilize it do to the fact my sensors don’t trigger alarm even when set to away with 0 second delay. Was told I had bad sensors but they work with everything except triggering alarm.

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When you set up the system and install all the sensors, you have to tell the HMS hub which sensors you want to be “On Duty” when you arm the system to Home and Away. You get to pick which ones will trigger an alarm response. If the sensors you speak of are not On Duty when the system arms, they will not trip the alarm.

Go to the Monitoring Tab. Go all the way to the bottom and press Home Monitoring Settings. Then select Home & Away.

You will edit the Home and Away On Duty sensor lists separately. Whichever is white is the one you are programming. Click Home.

Review the list of sensors at the bottom. To add a sensor to that On Duty list, click Edit Sensor List. Then, check the boxes for all the sensors you want to trip the alarm. Then click save. You can toggle over to the Away list and do the same.

Once you save both of these and go back to the Home Monitoring Settings, put your system in test mode (so Noonlight won’t get pinged), arm Home, test all those sensors. Do the same for Away mode.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck!