Need help with Entry Sensor and hub

I recently installed a Wyze Sense Hub and a couple of entry sensors. Both sensors chime on the hub when the doors are open. However, one of the sensors does not trigger the alarm system when it is armed. How can I fix this? I already reset it.

Go to the monitoring tab, scroll all the way to the bottom where it says Home monitoring Settings


Select Home and Away Setting:

Click on Home and then Edit Sensor List

Then make sure you have all the sensors selected that you want to be “Armed” when you arm as “Home”

Then Save and do the same for “Away”

Then make sure the sensor is “Closed” when you arm it. If it isn’t closed when you try to arm it, then there is a problem.

If you’ve done all that and the sensor is till not triggering the alarm, then go to the home tab, select the sensor and try opening and closing the sensor and make sure the status updates correctly between open and closed. If not, you may need to set it up again or change the batteries. If it is updating but there is still a problem, then reach out to support so they can investigate.


I had a feeling you would say that. Unfortunately on all 3 of my devices, if I click on that tab the app freezes for a moment then takes me back to the main menu.

I just reset my monitoring service and I am now able to access that tab. Thank you very much for your help!