Monitoring system says a sensor is open but nothing is

Hello, in the last week, when we alarm the system both for home and away, hub says a sensor is open, but does allow us to arm. I check the wyze app for any open sensors and everything is showing closed. Is anyone else having this issue or any suggestions on how to resolve? Could one of the sensors have low battery? Nothing is indicating this.

  • Open the monitoring tab.
  • Arm the system
  • Look down below where it says “System Armed Home” and scroll through the list of devices of what has issues or what are “On Duty Devices”
  • Find the device that doesn’t have a green dot…it might have a red dot or say it couldn’t be updated or has a grey dot with a message about something being offline or something other than a green dot.
  • Then go find that device and make sure it triggers correctly, purposely open it and close it. Make sure the state changes. If not, replace the battery or go through Setup again.
  • Once you confirm it is working, make sure it is “Closed”
  • Go back and arm the system again and see if it is now resolved.

Let us know what you find out.

Can you tell me where I would find “system armed home” in the monitoring tab? I only see “I’’m Home” and “Monitoring Events” and Home Monitoring Settings which when I look there it gives me a lost but no dots.

When I to the list of devices in the home tab, all listed devices show as closed.

Ok i tried rearming and see the list. The only ones that are listed offline are cameras which are not connected to the hub. Could that impact? Otherwise everything else is green.