Home monitoring system went offline

Hello, I activated Wyze home monitoring system less than a month ago that includes a hub, keypad and couple of door sensors and a cam.

Today I received a notification on phone indicating battery is low on the hub. My initial thought was power was out. But at the same time I was able to turn on and off other wyze light bulbs I have. Now hub completely went office taking down the keypad and door sensors. Cam works fine tho.

What’s going on with the hub? Why did it go in battery mode and did not recover?

It implies it isn’t recharging the battery for some reason.

  • Are you using the cord and power adapter that came with the hub?
  • Try plugging it into a different outlet.
  • Then try using a different Micro-USB cord.
  • Then try switching to a different USB adapter.
  • If none of those things work, contact support because there appears to be some kind of malfunction and if you got it about a month ago, you are probably covered under the warranty, so they should get you taken care of one way or another after they have you try some routine troubleshooting steps just to make sure.