Home monitoring system went offline

Hello, I activated Wyze home monitoring system less than a month ago that includes a hub, keypad and couple of door sensors and a cam.

Today I received a notification on phone indicating battery is low on the hub. My initial thought was power was out. But at the same time I was able to turn on and off other wyze light bulbs I have. Now hub completely went office taking down the keypad and door sensors. Cam works fine tho.

What’s going on with the hub? Why did it go in battery mode and did not recover?

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It implies it isn’t recharging the battery for some reason.

  • Are you using the cord and power adapter that came with the hub?
  • Try plugging it into a different outlet.
  • Then try using a different Micro-USB cord.
  • Then try switching to a different USB adapter.
  • If none of those things work, contact support because there appears to be some kind of malfunction and if you got it about a month ago, you are probably covered under the warranty, so they should get you taken care of one way or another after they have you try some routine troubleshooting steps just to make sure.

mine just did the same again, this is the second hub that is doing exact same thing. Power outage and hub will not reconnect. Two hubs more than a coincidence. Not a safe monitoring system at all. Every single power outage, when power comes back on the hub will not reconnect, I have to delete and add it back as new device. Terrible hardware and support has no clue as how to fix except send a new one that does the exact same thing

I’m joining mostly to get notified of posts to this thread, but I’ll add my experience FWIW.

I have two sense hubs, one at primary residence and one at vacation home. The primary is on an AT&T “landline” internet connection and has been, more or less, 100% reliable. It almost never goes offline. (I say “almost” because I don’t trust my memory enough to say absolutely never.)

The one at the cabin is on a Starlink satellite internet connection which gets occasional dropouts because of the trees. Maybe a couple times a week the Wyze app informs me that the hub went offline, usually in the night, but it usually has already reconnected, no harm no foul.

But maybe one time out of twenty or so, it doesn’t reconnect, and there’s no way to fix it remotely. I have to do an add new device when I’m there onsite. Sometimes that’s easy, sometimes it takes several tries. The good news is I’ve never yet (knock wood) lost all my sensor connections–which is nice because there are twenty of them.

Everything is on a UPS so it’s not power outages, I think it’s the internet blips. But it’s weird–and very frustrating–that most of the time it just reconnects automagically, but sometimes it doesn’t.

I think I have it hooked up by ethernet, not wifi, but I can’t remember for sure. I will check that when I go up there tomorrow and reconnect it.

We have noticed with our hub that when the power comes back on it will not reliable reconnect. Our thought is that the router is slower restarting and so the hub has already tried to connect. Once we restart the hub it typically reconnects just fine. I don’t know if they can add something to the firm ware to make it try to reconnect until it is connected. For something so central and important it would be nice to see more problem solving.

Mine is hard wired ethernet and still will not reconnect unless i do a reset or delete andvadd new device

Hubs are defective and Wyze knows it. See other post titled Defective Security Hubs