Hub sense and associated sensors offline

Hi all,

I’ve had my Wyze setup running for a couple of years now. All seemed fairly routine, then around April 15 it seems like the hub went offline, at least the app said so, also the keypad, the motion sensor, the door sensors, and one outdoor cam of three.
The alarm continued to work from the keypad so I didn’t really notice things were awry in the app until recently.
I tried ‘adding’ a device, a sense hub, and doing a reset. The reset gets a timeout message from the hub while my cell keeps chugging away ultimately to be cancelled.
I submitted a diagnostic ticket (1451115). At this point the alarms have ceased working when I try to turn them on using the keypad.
So, where to go from here? Thanks in advance.

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Contact support and give them your log.

95% of hubs will reconnect again after a soft restart (hold the reset button in firmly for around 10 seconds until the LED lights flash, then let go and it will restart.

If that doesn’t fix it, then you might need to go through setup again.

Thanks for the tip. I did the soft restart…I guess since I had previously done a failed setup the hub and other devices won’t join again until I add them as new devices. That worked this time around, so good to go.

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