Wyze Sense Hub “Not Available”

Anyone else having issues with their devices connecting to the Hub? I’ve replaced my keypad and my wyze sense hub and the issues is still present. When the new hub arrived without the latest Firmware update it worked perfectly fine and I had no issues. After I updated the firmware I’m back to it not working. I’ve had no issues whatsoever in the last nearly 2 years and nothing but issues the last several months. I’m sick and tired of dealing with customer service as they have yet to offer an actual solution to the problem.

Keypad- Won’t arm/disarm, it states “Unable to connect, please make sure your hub is available”

Entry sensors- Show “open” constantly and won’t register as closed.

Motion Sensor- shows “motion” constantly and won’t register as clear.

I have had alarms active with no reporting to Noonlight or have had Noonlight contact me nearly 2 hours after the alarm went off. There is a clear firmware issue with this device and the company is not taking this seriously.

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Can you please provide the version of the FW in the hub.

If I recall, the most current version of the FW requires a stepped update through one, if not several, of the older versions before it gets to the current stable version.

If you updated and it is still at one of the older versions, it would explain your issues.

Also, the updates and hub resets TAKE TIME to complete. It is not Immediate. When the hub restarts after an update, give it time to finalize everything and settle down before installing any new sensors.

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It is the .264 update. It is the same update that started my issues on my previous hub. I have read several forums of people having issues over the last month or so. I think it’s clear there this firmware update has an u deleting bug that the company is refusing to acknowledge. Like I said, no issues for nearly 2 years and nothing but issues since this firmware version.

Also, you’re assuming this was an immediate report after the update. Neither keypad now work consistently and the other sensors started malfunctioning after this update. The lack of concern from anyone at the company is the most disappointing thing for me. WYZE was amazing at start up, it’s turned into a joke now.

That is interesting. .264 is the update that solved a majority of user problems from the previous two updates. It has been in use for nearly 3 months without any significant reports of issues. I am currently on this version and haven’t had any problems (nock on :wood:). I have been following all the developments of the Hub Firmware for well over a year since the episode last September when it all went haywire.

Have you done any reset procedures on you hub since updating?

I’ve reset it and completely re added everything back to the system and it’s still giving the unable to connect from the keypad and other sensors. The new Keypad that was sent to me has an updated firmware than my original and my original doesn’t have an available update to even try and download. I’m legit at a loss as to what is causing this problem and support hasn’t been much help on their front. Their solution was to send new devices thinking it was a hardware problem but I don’t know at this point. It’s not a network problem because the devices are all online in the app, they’re just having connectivity issues with the hub itself. Legit 2 days ago I had an active alarm that I couldn’t turn off on either keypad or in the app, the hub went offline in the app suddenly. It came back online 5 minutes later and was fine. 90 minutes later I get a call from Noonlight about an active alarm, there wasn’t one going off. It was like the hub delayed notified them about the previous alarm. It’s all been acting very odd the last few months.

Very odd behavior indeed. Are you connected by Ethernet or WiFi?

If you have the ability, I would place the HMS in test mode until you can get it back to where it needs to be so you don’t have any more false alarms.

My only suggestion would be to do a soft reset and wait for it to reinitialize… Like a couple hours.

Pull the power from it, hold the reset button for enough time for the lights to flash and the unit to reboot. When the lights come back on, plug it back in. A hard reset is basically the same but you hold the button for like 15 seconds. It resets some settings, but nothing that can’t be managed.

You shouldn’t have to do anything in the app. All your currently installed devices and the hub should be still installed and working.

It is connected by Ethernet and is centrally located in the home. I’ll try and do the reset and see what happens. Thanks

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